Printable Electronics Research Centre

Printable Electronics Research Centre

Printable Electronics Research Center (PERC) at the Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Suzhou, China, is the first research center established in China 4 years ago dedicated printed electronics R&D. It has over 40 research staffs and postgraduate students. The research themes at PERC covers from synthesis of printable electronic materials, printing equipments and processes to printed electronics applications in OLED, OPV and thin-film transistors, as well as encapsulation of organic electronic devices. PERC undertakes a wide range of research projects with funding from the government, as well as working with industry to develop printed electronics based products.
Printable Electronics Research Centre
11 Sep 2015

Emerging application areas for silver nanoparticle inks

Silver nanoparticles have been in the technology-push and pre-commercialisation phase for almost a decade now. May companies have come and gone, and yet success has remained largely elusive. The mood is however beginning to turn. The business landscape, once dominated by small pioneering firms, now also includes large suppliers. The end users, once put off by the high up-front price as well as performance uncertainty of Ag nanoinks, are now seriously engaged. This article gives a top-level overview of several emerging applications areas.
15 Oct 2014

Air of optimism returning to the PV industry

The IDTechEx Printed Electronics and Energy Harvesting events focus on emerging thin and/or flexible photovoltaic technologies. This co-located event will cover printed electronics, energy harvesting, supercapacitors, wearable technologies and 3D printing and will attract in excess of 2,500 attendees and 200 exhibitors.
9 Apr 2014

Highlights from the Printed Electronics Europe event in Berlin

The 11th annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics event took place in Berlin last week. The conference and tradeshow looked at a diverse range of technologies - both within printed electronics and also related technologies, such as Graphene, Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things, Energy Harvesting and 3D Printing, reflecting the broad opportunities for the technology.
8 Apr 2014

Highlights from the IDTechEx emerging technology events in Berlin

IDTechEx recently organised a co-located conference and tradeshow on printed electronics, energy harvesting, 3D printing, graphene and supercapacitors. In this article series, we will provide some of the latest highlights from these conferences.
1 Apr 2014

Metal Mesh for Touch Panels and Beyond

Printable Electronics Research Centre, China
18 Apr 2013

Metalgrid-based Transparent Conductive Films for Large Size Touch Screens

Printable Electronics Research Centre, China
3 Oct 2012

Key Challenges in Nanomaterials-based Printed Electronics

Printable Electronics Research Centre, China