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RGS Development B.V. is a silicon technology company, specialized in direct casting of silicon and nano structured metal silicide materials into a 2D net shape. RGS Development operates platforms for development and production of silicon, metal silicide or other intermetallic composite materials. RGS serves its customers by creation of distinctive, low cost and scalable solutions for high tech materials for application in growth markets like energy storage, thermoelectric cooling and generation, solar photovoltaics and others.
RGS Development BV
14 Aug 2020


E-magy BV are commercialising their technology for synthesising silicon anode powders. IDTechEx spoke with E-magy CEO Casper Peeters and CTO Axel Schoneker.
17 Feb 2020

High power thermoelectric energy harvesting starts to look good

In energy harvesting in general, there is 100 times the market potential in high power rather than low power. In this article IDTechEx explores this opportunity.
6 Nov 2018

E-magy Silicon enhances Lithium Ion Batteries, 50% additional capacity

Dutch tech-company RGS introduces nano sponge silicon that significantly improves the uptake of lithium ions and accommodates swelling during charging cycles.
18 Jun 2018

California requires solar systems for new homes

Moving to cut energy use in new homes by more than 50 percent, the California Energy Commission has adopted building standards that require solar photovoltaic systems starting in 2020.
11 May 2017

The ThermagyTM Lighthouse : Thermoelectric Conversion At Industrial Scale

RGS Development BV, Netherlands
23 Mar 2017

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting:innovation aimed at commercialization

Thermoelectric energy harvester technology developers have had their hands full: they have identified multiple applications from industrial, to automotive, to portable/wearable devices, and are looking to find the perfect balance between power output, operational temperature, cost at volume production, some of the most important considerations when looking to develop a thermoelectric energy harvester.
2 Apr 2014

Harvesting of Energy through Affordable Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Materials

RGS Development BV, Netherlands
13 Mar 2014

Thermoelectric generators: Vehicles, Wireless Sensors, Industrial Apps

The worldwide interest in waste heat recovery continues to grow, with a wide range of applications ranging from small harvesters integrated into wireless sensor networks all the way to larger harvesters such as the ones that can potentially be integrated into cars.