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University of Bolton

The Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI) is part of Bolton University and also a core partner of the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC) in the UK. IMRI is a true multidisciplinary research organisation, specialising in Smart Material Systems and offering only postgraduate education at Masters and PhD levels. It focuses on technical textiles, medical and healthcare devices and renewable energy technologies that are based on smart materials. IMRI continues to work collaboratively with SME in UK and Europe and delivers industry driven interdisciplinary projects. In addition, IMRRI develops its own intellectual property patent portfolio and identifies suitable partners for commercialisation.
University of Bolton
21 May

E-Textiles 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
30 Nov

Piezoelectric Harvesting and Sensing 2019-2039

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Richard Collins
2 Oct

Fluoropolymers for Emerging Electronics and Electrics 2019-2039

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Lorenzo Grande and James Hayward
17 Jan

Triboelectric Energy Harvesting (TENG) 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
15 Sep

Energy independent electric vehicles: amazing new developments

As the world's first conference on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles approaches on September 27-28 in the Technical University of Delft Netherlands, key players, all of whom are speaking at the event, have been announcing some remarkable new developments.
1 Sep

Key enabling technologies for Energy Independent Vehicles Land, Water,

IDTechEx is staging the world's first conference on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 27-28 September at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands, where the most advanced solar racing cars and boats are made and the necessary new forms of wind, solar and elastomer generator energy harvesting are developed.
15 Aug

Energy Independent Electric Boats and Ships Lead the Way

There is more energy to harvest at sea. True, water craft have stronger resistance to overcome but on balance, it means that energy independent electric boats are more common than their equivalents on land or in the air and they have lessons for both.
9 Aug

Ship energy independence from multimode energy harvesting

It is now becoming clear that the appalling emissions from ships that cause global warming and local injuries can be virtually eliminated.
14 Jul

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Big Companies & New Technologies

EIVs are an idea whose time has come.
15 May

Triboelectric Interview: Prof. Zhong Lin Wang, Gatech, 11 May 2017

IDTechEx Chairman Dr Peter Harrop spoke to Professor Zhong Lin Wang of Gatech at Energy Harvesting Europe, part of the IDTechEx Show!
11 May

Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2017-2027

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Raghu Das
24 Jun

Big push for simplification and elimination of EV power electronics

Attention is turning to integration of extra power electronic units and regeneration modules.
6 Jun

Energy Independent Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap

This article provides a preview of the IDTechEx presentation at the 29th World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS29) in Montréal, Québec, Canada on Tuesday 21 June.
6 Nov

Electric vehicles harvest more power

"Many land, water and airborne electric vehicles harvest all the energy they need. They never plug in. It is the way of the future" says IDTechEx Chairman Dr Peter Harrop.
16 Oct

Latest energy harvesting will change the world

High power energy harvesting (HPEH) is the clean part of off-grid renewable energy and its main potential lies at kilowatts to megawatts. Few things are genuinely new in this world but newly important aspects of energy harvesting really matter.
20 Aug

Multi-mode energy harvesting

It seems obvious; energy harvesting is intermittent, so combine different types to make it continuous and therefore much more useful.
17 Jul

Electric vehicles harvest more power

Many land, water and airborne electric vehicles harvest all the energy they need. They never plug in. It is the way of the future.
29 Apr

Smart Functional Materials for Energy Harvesting: from Laboratory to Commercialisation

University of Bolton, United Kingdom
12 Feb

Putting the power in power-dressing

Scientists in the UK developing wearable electronics have knitted a flexible fabric that delivers twice the power output of current energy harvesting textiles.
28 Nov

Dancing feet power lights

POWERleap has developed a 'smart-floor' that can generate energy by someone walking, running or dancing on it.