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Xerox is helping change the way the world works. By applying our expertise in imaging, business process, analytics, automation and user-centric insights, we engineer the flow of work to provide greater productivity, efficiency and personalization. Our employees create meaningful innovations and provide business process services, printing equipment, software and solutions that make a real difference for our clients and their customers in 180 countries. Learn more at External Link.
25 Nov 2019


Senior Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core met Xerox at Formnext to preview their upcoming liquid metal 3D printer, launching in 2020.
Included are:
4 Jun 2019

Electronic Skin Patches 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward and Dr Nadia Tsao
8 Apr 2019

Conductive Ink Markets 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and Yasuo Yamamoto
15 Feb 2019

3D Printed Electronics and Circuit Prototyping 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Jon Harrop
15 Nov 2018

From Materials To Integrated Electronic Devices: The Road To Printed Intelligence

Xerox Research Centre Canada, Canada
6 Nov 2018

Canada representation again strong at this year's IDTechEx Show!

The annual IDTechEX Show! will take place this coming November 14 and 15 in Santa Clara, CA, with another strong Canadian delegation set to attend.
12 Oct 2018

3D Printing in the Medical and Dental Industry 2019 - 2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core and Dr Nadia Tsao
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, James Hayward and Dr Xiaoxi He
13 Nov 2017

Advanced Li-ion & Beyond Li-ion Batteries 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Lorenzo Grande and Dr Xiaoxi He
15 Sep 2017

RFID Sensors 2018-2028: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He and Raghu Das
20 Apr 2017

Ontario Government recognizes flexible and printable electronics

The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association has secured funding support from the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Economic Development and Growth - the first provincial government in Canada to recognize the value of this manufacturing sector to the nation's innovation-driven economy.
24 Nov 2016

Printed and Flexible Sensors 2017-2027: Technologies, Players, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report:
17 Nov 2016

Multi-Nozzle Valved Extruder

29 Sep 2015

Canada's printable electronics industry is gaining steam

The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association is working to achieve market-driven collaboration among their membership for Canada to compete on the global stage.
18 Sep 2015

CPEIA, PAC launch IntelliPACK

The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association and PAC, Packaging Consortium are advancing the development and adoption of new products and applications enabled with printable, organic and flexible electronics for the global packaging industry with IntelliPACK.
29 Jan 2015

XRCC (Xerox Research Centre of Canada) interview with IDTechEx

XRCC (Xerox Research Centre of Canada) is one of five Xerox innovation centres worldwide. This interview with IDTechEx was taken at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event.
8 Dec 2014

Canada scores a hat trick at printed electronics' top industry event

In true national form, Canada's delegation to the Printed Electronics USA 2014 conference made a lasting impression, thanks in no small part to a strong performance on the ice.
22 Oct 2014

The $2 billion conductive ink industry gathers in Santa Clara

This is a successful and growing industry. Indeed, IDTechEx projects that the $2billion conductive ink/paste sector will grow $3.2 billion in 2025 at the material level.
1 Oct 2014

PV NanoCell

20 Apr 2014

Canada National Research Council

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is an agency of the Government of Canada, reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Industry. It was established in 1916. The Printable Electronics program, a $40-million NRC investment over five years, will develop applications in smart labels, smart drug packaging, anti-counterfeiting, and NFC.