IDTechEx Cookies




Indicates the requested language for the website to be shown in.
Cookie Warning
Indicates that the cookie warning has been shown.
Consent Version
Indicates what version of the privacy policy etc the user has been informed of and accepted.
Referring Domain
Tracks which referring domain the user came from to be recorded on registration.
User login.
Circular URL Tracking
Stores the last 5 pages shown on this browser for the purpose of debugging any issues.
Session Ids
Reference to the current web session.
Survey Id
Reference to the current survey being taken.
Exhibitor Pass Code
Special Unique Code allowing exhibitors to process the allocation of passes to their exhibitors.
Adobe Flash Checker
Indicates whether this browser passed the test to see if it supports playing Adobe flash media.
Affliate Reference
Indicates the affliate that the user came from.
Next Modal Window Show
Indicates that the user closed the window showing that they are viewing an old show and to see the new show.


Journal Registration Log
Tracking in the journals the registration when they reached the article reading limit.
Article Count
Tracking in the journals the article reading limit

Shopping Basket/Order System

Shopping Basket Id
Reference to the basket being used.
Payment Web Order
Managing Order Payment when the system is non-functional


Old cookies that might still exist but are no longer used
Indicating what status this poll as at and whether this user has taken it.
Technology Topic Web Hits
Tracking which technology topics the user is more interested in.
Last Order Reference
In the Web App this indicates the last order reference
Knowledgebase (deprecated)
Login and search for the deprecated knowledgebase system.