How T+Ink and Touchcode will Change the Internet of Things (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Mr Sascha Voigt, Managing Director

講演者の経歴 (Sascha Voigt)

Mr. Voigt is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He cofounded the German technology development company Printechnologics. T+ink acquired the company in 2013, Mr. Voigt - managing director of T+ink - invented mass printed capacitive identification technology. Printechnologics became an internationally recognized leader in printed electronics receiving numerous awards, including three Printed Electronics Awards - Best Product Development and Best In Show - the German IQ Innovation Award in 2011, the European Auto-ID award as well the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award Gold in 2012, the first German company ever to receive the award.

会社紹介 (T-Ink)

T-Ink logo
T+ink's patented "thinking ink" applications provide seamless and disruptive solutions to products and designs making objects smart, interactive and secure.
T+ink's mission is to disrupt markets with cost-cutting, digital print applications and build new experiences for our partners and their products.
T+Ink isn't a manufacturer; it's a licensing organization. By partnering with global brands to bring our products to market, our goal is nothing less than to "T+ink" every product on the planet and to become the dominant force in the Internet of things.
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