Improving Building Performance with Wireless Sensor Networks (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2013)

Mr Eric Eisele, Materials Engineer
United States


• Case studies in sensor deployments by KieranTimberlake
• Sensor data fusion in the architectural design process
• Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration for sensor network design, installation, and cloud programming
• Real time cloud-based analytics offering performance enhancements in building operations

講演者の経歴 (Eric Eisele)

Eric Eisele is a developer in the KieranTimberlake Research Group at KieranTimberlake. His background is in materials engineering and he has several years of experience in product development for the built environment. He is responsible for executing the firm's vision through the development of advanced technologies, processes, and prototypes. He has engaged several client projects in data-driven material studies and renewable energy strategy development, including the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub in Philadelphia and the Embassy of the United States in London, UK. Eric is currently leading a team to leverage cloud-based analytics and internet connected wireless sensors to improve building performance.

会社紹介 (KieranTimberlake)

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KieranTimberlake is a prominent architecture firm and a leader in practice-based architectural research. Integral to the firm's work are the methods of the KieranTimberlake Research Group (KTRG), a trans-disciplinary research team dedicated to advancing building design practices through material, system, process, and environment driven questions. This group works with architects to define and support project-based research initiatives. In addition, the KTRG is responsible for independent research projects including custom, open-sourced wireless sensor networks; application-specific environmental analysis and prediction tools; building performance assessment methods; building materials; building envelope technologies; and whole buildings for extreme climates.
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