Practical Information from Basic Solar-Cell Measurments (Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon, USA 2008)

Dr James Sites, Dept of Physics
Colorado State University, United States


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  • Summary of potential solar-cell losses
  • Measurements needed to quantify individual losses at the cell level
  • Extension of cell-level measurement and analysis to PV modules

講演者の経歴 (James Sites)

Jim Sites studies the device physics of low-cost polycrystalline thin-film solar cells. His photovoltaics lab makes precision electrical and optical measurements on solar cells fabricated by several partners in the U.S. and abroad. The goals are to separate the various solar-cell losses, to explain the losses on a fundamental basis, and to suggest strategies for improved solar-cell performance. Prof. Sites has been playing an increasing leadership role in the thin-film solar-cell community. He received his PhD from Cornell University in 1969; he has published 150 papers; 38 of his students have completed their M.S. degree and 23 their Ph.D.
In addition to the work of Prof. Sites, Colorado State University has a very successful manufacturing program for CdTe solar cells, which has now led to the establishment of AVA Solar nearby, and it has strong research programs on dye-sensitized cells and on batteries for PV energy storage.

会社紹介 (Colorado State University)

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Colorado State University, or CSU, is a leading research university with world-class programs in infectious disease, atmospheric science, clean energy technologies, and environmental science. It was founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College, six years before the Colorado Territory became a state. CSU has a long history of solar-energy research. Its photovoltaic programs in Mechanical Engineering and Physics are focused on the development and understanding of thin-film solar cells, and they collaborate closely with a number of companies, laboratories, and other universities throughout the US and abroad.
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