Self-powered Integrated Systems for Health and Environmental Monitoring

Dr Jesse Jur, Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University
United States


North Carolina State University (Dr Jesse Jur) - Presentation*
North Carolina State University (Dr Jesse Jur) - Audio Presentation*

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Advanced in low power electronics and nanotechnology is providing unique opportunities in self-powered systems.
This presentation reviews activity to develop and employ a battery-free, body-powered platform wearable health monitoring systems that is enabled by energy harvesting, energy storage, nanodevices and sensors.
This research is the basis for a National Science Foundation Nano-Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST).

講演者の経歴 (Jesse S. Jur)

Dr. Jesse Jur is an Assistant Professor of Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science at NC State University's College of Textiles. He received his Ph.D .in Materials Science and Engineering from N.C. State and has spent the last 12+ years researching primarily at the nanoscale, including experiences in the semiconductor and opto-electronics industries. His current research focuses on integration of systems electronics into wearable platforms for energy harvesting and monitoring of a person's environmental and physiological state.


The Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) is a National Science Foundation sponsored Nanosystems Engineering Research Center (NERC). ASSIST develops and employs nanotechnology enabled energy harvesting and storage, ultra-low power electronics, and sensors to create innovative, battery-free, body-powered, and wearable health monitoring systems. Our mission is to use nanotechnology to improve global health by enabling a correlation between personal health and personal environment that empowers individuals and doctors to manage wellness and improve quality of life.
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