The LEC, a Low-Cost Alternative to the OLED (OLEDs LIVE! USA 2013)

Dr Andreas Sandström, CTO


LunaLEC (Dr Andreas Sandström) - Presentation*
LunaLEC (Dr Andreas Sandström) - Audio Presentation*

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1. The LEC concept, theory and advantages
2. Increasing the efficiency and lifetime
3. Roll to roll fabrication

講演者の経歴 (Andreas Sandström)

Andreas Sandström received a master of science degree in engineering in 2009, and has since then worked on LECs with a primary focus on device upscaling. In 2013, he received his PhD on the subject. In parallel to his academic research, Andreas has been the acting CTO of LunaLEC since its founding in 2012.

会社紹介 (Umea University of Sweden (LunaLEC))

Umea University of Sweden (LunaLEC) logo
LunaLEC is a spin-off company from Umea University in Sweden. The company develops ink formulations and optimizes the process for inexpensive and flexible fabrication of LECs (Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells) in ambient conditions. The LEC is a light source which provides an inexpensive substitute for OLEDs in applications where response time is not a critical factor; such as signage or decorative lighting applications. LunaLEC licenses its proprietary application process and recipes to product integrators. The company was founded in 2012, has 3 employees, and is pre-revenue.
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