Trends In Healthcare And The Opportunities In Printed Electronics (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Dr John Cocker, Business Unit Director-Printable Electronics
Centre for Process Innovation
United Kingdom


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Printable electronics offers the potential to add functionality to everyday objects in form factors that would be difficult in conventional technologies. Healthcare in particular is recognising the value offered by thin flexible functionality that can be incorporated into products or packaging to improve supply chain monitoring, diagnostics and imaging.

講演者の経歴 (John Cocker)

John is the Business Unit Director at the National Printed Electronics Centre at CPI.
He has a DPhil in Chemistry and has spent most of his working career in industry with multinational chemical companies. He has extensive experience of new product development and introduction at DuPont, including leading global teams to identify opportunities and to develop electronics materials across a range of industrial sectors including photovoltaic, automotive and medical. He also worked with technology development companies to accelerate bringing product to market.
Prior to joining CPI he was Head of Innovation and Technology at a medium sized engineering company providing emissions solutions.

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