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Photovoltaic Manufacturer Shipments: Capacity, Production, Prices and Revenues to 2019

The most complete research and analysis on global PV supply with granular shipment data by manufacturer, technology and region, from 2009 to 2014 with a technology forecast to 2019

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This report provides the most thorough analysis of:
  • capacity
  • production,
  • shipments,
  • inventory
  • average module prices
  • manufacturer revenues
  • cell and module quality
for the supply side of the terrestrial photovoltaic industry over the last two years (2013-2014), in addition to summary data from 2009 and forecasts to 2019. Historic and current prices, cost, production, shipment and inventory data provide insight into the behavior of the photovoltaic industry over time leading to a better understanding of current industry behavior. Data is also provided regionally, for China, Europe, Japan, U.S., Malaysia, Taiwan and ROW. Manufacturers covered in this report produce technology as cells, cells to modules, and thin film panels.
The 120 page report, published annually for over thirty five years, provides trend analysis overtime as well as insights into price and regional strategies crucial to succeeding in the highly competitive photovoltaic industry.
The data used for this analysis reflects information gathered from surveys of both photovoltaic cell/module manufacturers (supply-side) and demand-side participants, such as photovoltaic distributors, system integrators, dealers, installers, OEMs, etc. Those interviewed for this research include silicon feedstock manufacturers, wafer manufactures and end users of PV products. Over 1000 organizations have been surveyed.
Production, Shipments, Inventory and Revenues
This report provides PV industry statistics for 2013 and 2014 crucial to understanding the industry's competitive position and to recognize emerging trends. This analysis is particularly important for companies making the decision to enter the highly competitive photovoltaic industry with a new technology. These statistics include data on:
  • individual manufacturer production, shipments and inventory
  • Module Assembler data
  • Manufacturer revenues for 2013/2014 and forecasted revenues to 2019
  • Analysis of the top ten photovoltaic manufacturers
  • shipments by region
  • shipments by technology (c-Si and thin films),
  • market forecasts to 2019
and trends in revenue over the last several years as well as a discussion of cost trends and industry profitability. The chapter ends with a technology forecast to 2019.
Sample: PV Industry Metrics for 2013
Source: IDTechEx and SPV Market Research
Sample: Regional and Total Shipments and ASPs 1998-2013 (Current Dollars)
Source: IDTechEx and SPV Market Research
Selling Price and Costs
This section describes trends in the global average selling price (ASP) for cell/module shipments since 1989. Regression analysis is used to generate future price forecasts, based on quantified historic trends that indicate price reduction as a function of cumulative shipments (manufacturing experience). Prices and estimated costs for c-Si technologies, thin film technologies are provided while inventory re-sales and system pricing are analyzed. Average pricing by wattage, as well as for 60 cell, 72 cell and 120 cell modules is provided. Forecast projections to 2019 and 2024 are also provided for two different forecast scenarios, "conservative" and "accelerated".
Sample: Technology Market Shares
Source: IDTechEx and SPV Market Research
Manufacturing Capacity, Production and Utilization
This chapter compares industry cell manufacturing capacity to overall production and shipments for 2013 and 2014. Wherever possible, an attempt has been made to identify shipments from inventory, and to separate these from shipments of calendar year 2014. This has been done to ensure an accurate characterization of PV industry capacity statistics. The chapter offers an analysis of: shipment volume versus capacity levels, shipments compared to capacity by four major regions, regional analysis of crystalline and thin film technologies among other topics.
For example, in 2013, strong demand as well as the slow return of positive margin to some and despite the continued exit of smaller manufacturers, though not all, manufacturers encouraged a capacity increase of 15% to 42.2-GWp from 36.7-GWp. In 2014 capacity increases of 14% (to 48-GWp) to 19% (50-GWp) are expected as manufacturers ramp up to take advantage of strong demand in China, Japan and the US. Manufacturers in China and the ROW region as well as Taiwan are expected to take the strongest advantage of current strong demand.
Sample: Shipments, Capacity and Capacity Utilization, all Manufacturers, 2003-2013
Source: IDTechEx and SPV Market Research
Five Year Forecast
Two forecast scenarios to 2019, conservative and accelerated, and an accompanying technology estimate (thin film and crystalline) built on primary survey effort that included feedstock suppliers, cell and module manufacturers, module assemblers, and the distributor channel (all levels) are provided.
Top Ten Manufacturers
The top ten manufacturers are given for 2009 through 2014, with a specific focus on the cell or thin film panel capacity and shipments as well as module assembly capability of the top ten manufacturers for 2014.
About IDTechEx and SPV Market Research
This research is brought to you by IDTechEx and SPV Market Research, providing the most complete picture of the PV supply market based on over 20 years of research on the sector. It accompanies research on PV markets and demand and Solar Flare, a quarterly update report. Contact us to subscribe to our PV services for the highest value and analyst-client engagement.
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担当: 村越美和子
Table of Contents
1.1.Purpose and Scope
1.1.Overview of Photovoltaic Manufacturer Coverage
2.1.Industry Overview
2.1.Top Five PV Manufacturers 2013, Capacity, Shipments and Select Financials
2.1.PV Industry Metrics for 2013
2.2.PV Manufacturers Shipping >3% of Total in 2013
2.2.Regional Shipments 2007 to 2012
2.2.Cell/Module Manufacturer Shipments
2.2.1.Regional Shipments
2.2.2.Shipments by Technology
2.3.Manufacturer Shipments by Region 1998-2013
2.3.PV Industry Growth, 1997-2013, 2014-2016 Estimate
2.4.Regional Capacity, Production, Shipments & Inventory, 2003-2013
2.4.Technology Market Shares & Growth Rates 2005-2013 (MWp)
2.4.Average Selling Price (ASP)
2.5.Manufacturing Capacity
2.5.Regional & Total Shipments and ASPs 1998-2013 (Current Dollars)
2.5.2013 Global Supply & Demand
2.6.PV Cell/Module Revenues and ASPs
2.6.Five-Year Forecast
2.7.PV Cell/Module Revenues and Shipments
2.8.PV Cell & Module Revenues by Region 2012/2013
2.9.Shipments, Capacity and Capacity Utilization, all Manufacturers, 2003-2013
2.10.Five-Year Technology Forecast to 2017 (GWp)*
2.11.Five Year Crystalline and Thin Film Shipment Forecast to 2018
2.12.Conservative, Accelerated & Low Incentive Revenue Forecast to 2018
3.1.Shipments by Region & Manufacturer
3.1.Manufacturer Capacity, Production, Shipments and Inventory, 2008 - 2013
3.1.Regional Shipments 2008 to 2013
3.2.Manufacturer Shipment Shares by Region, 1997 to 2013
3.2.PV Industry Metrics 2013
3.2.Shipments by Technology
3.3.Global Cell and Module Revenues 2012-2013 ...
3.3.Regional Capacity, Production, Shipments and Inventory, 2003-2008
3.3.Regional Manufacturer Shipments 2003-2013
3.4.Summary of Regional Positions at the Beginning of 2014
3.4.2013 Global Supply and Demand
3.4.Market Outlook, 2012-2017
3.5.Supply/Demand Data for Europe, the US, China and Japan, 2008-2013
3.5.2012/2013 Manufacturer Shipments US, Europe & Japan
3.6.2012/2013 Manufacturer Shipments, ROW, Taiwan, China
3.6.2013 Manufacturer Market Shares by Region
3.7.PV Manufacturers shipping >3% of Total in 2013
3.7.Top Five Manufacturers 2013 Capacity, Shipments, Select Financials
3.8.Technology Market Share % & Growth Rate % 2005-2013 (MWp)
3.8.Technology Market Share % 2011, 2012, 2013
3.9.Regional Technology % Contribution 2013
3.9.2013 Technology Shipments US, Europe, Japan (MWp)
3.10.2013 Technology Shipments ROW, China, Taiwan (MWp)
3.10.Technology % Contribution 1982-2013
3.11.PV Cell/Module Revenues and ASPs
3.11.Regional Contribution to Technology Shipments 2012, 2013
3.12.Shipments by Technology Category, 2003-2013 (MWp)
3.12.PV Cell/Module Revenues and Shipments
3.13.PV Cell & Module Revenues by Region 2012/2013
3.13.Regional Cell/Module Revenue Growth 2008-2013 ($ Million)
3.14.US, Europe & Japan Revenues 2012/2013
3.14.Cell & Module Revenue's by Region, 2003-2013
3.15.Cell/Module Revenue Contribution by Region, 2003-2013
3.15.ROW, Taiwan & China Revenues, 2012/2013
3.16.Five-Year Technology Forecast to 2018 (MWp)
3.16.Top Ten Manufacturer Cell & Module Revenue Shares 2012/2013
3.17.PV Industry Shipment Forecast to 2016
3.18.Conservative, Accelerated & Low Incentive Revenue Forecast to 2018
4.1.Trends in Average Module Pricing
4.1.Photovoltaic Industry Prices and Shipments, 1975-2013
4.1.PV Industry Cell/Module Revenues, Shipments & ASPs 2003-2013
4.2.Module Pricing Trends 1988-2013 (Current $/Wp)
4.2.Module Pricing Trends, 1997-2013 $/Wp
4.2.Thin Film Pricing
4.3.Future Pricing Trends
4.3.Thin Film & Large Buyer c-Si ASPs 2008-2013, Current Dollars $
4.3.Regional & Total Shipments and ASPs 1998-2013 (Current Dollars)
4.4.US PV Residential & Multi-Megawatt System Prices, 1981-2012
4.4.Price History & Forecast all ASP Categories, 1997-2022 (2013 Constant Dollars)
5.1.Cell/Module Capacity and Utilization, All Manufacturers
5.1.Regional Photovoltaic Manufacturing Capacity, 1998-2013
5.1.Global Capacity Production, Shipments and Inventory, 2003-2013
5.2.PV Industry Capacity, 2003-2013 MWp
5.2.Shipments, Capacity and Capacity Utilization, all Manufacturers, 2003-2013
5.2.Manufacturing Capacity by Technology
5.3.Regional Capacity Shares, 2012, 2013
5.3.Regional Capacity, Shipments & Utilization*2008-2013 (MWp)
5.4.Regional Crystalline Manufacturing Capacity & Shipments, 2012-2013 MWp
5.4.Regional Manufacturing Capacity &Shipments 2013, Total Capacity 42.2-GWp
5.5.Crystalline Capacity and Shipments, All Manufacturers 2012 & 2013
5.5.Amorphous Silicon Capacity & Shipments 2012-2013 MWp
5.6.CdTe Capacity & Shipments 2012-2013 MWp
5.6.Amorphous Silicon Capacity & Shipments, 2012 & 2013 MWp
5.7.CdTe Technology Capacity and Shipments 2012-2013
5.7.CIGS/CIS Capacity & Shipments 2012-2013 MWp
5.8.Crystalline and Thin Film Capacity and Shipments 2012-2013(MWp)
5.8.CIGS/CIS Capacity & Shipments 2011 and 2012
6.1.Top Ten PV Technology Manufacturers 2013
6.1.Top Ten PV Technology Manufacturers 1999, 2012, 2013
6.1.Top Ten Manufacturers, 2008 to 2013


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