Pranav Jaswani Technology Analyst

Pranav is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, focusing on electric vehicle technologies. Pranav graduated from Imperial College London in 2022 with an MEng in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining IDTechEx in 2023, he worked as a market intelligence analyst for a leading financial technology company, developing experience in identifying short and medium-term market opportunities. He is currently based in London, UK.
Pranav graduated with First Class Honors from Imperial College London with an MEng (Master of Engineering) in Chemical Engineering. In his final year, he conducted research on reductive catalytic fractionation as an emerging biorefinery strategy. He also worked with a small team in the design of a novel large-scale blue hydrogen manufacturing process as part of his final year design project.
At IDTechEx, Pranav is currently focused on future mobility, with an emphasis on electric vehicles and their application in the mining industry.


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