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Ampyx Power develops Airborne Wind Energy Systems, harvesting stronger and constant winds that conventional turbines cannot reach. This opens up new deployment areas deeper offshore and further inland in remote areas. A team of more than 40 engineers is working from The Netherlands and Australia to develop a system with a rigid wing autonomous aircraft that meets the strict safety requirements of civil aviation.
Ampyx Power
14 Apr 2022

RWE to Invest 1.5 Billion Euros by 2030 to Help Ireland Reach Net Zero

RWE is committed to investing €50 billion gross through to 2030 to expand its powerful and green generation capacity to 50 gigawatts, with up to €1.5 billion gross already earmarked for Ireland through current projects being developed.
9 Apr 2020

Flying High: Drones on Cables are Expanding the Scope of Wind Energy

By harnessing the power of strong winds at higher altitude than turbines reach, airborne wind energy could be another key source of renewable energy, but it will need a combination of successful designs, more robust software and good storytelling to really take off.
1 Oct 2018

Diesel Generator Set Future Developments and Alternative Technologies 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report:
10 Sep 2018

Ampyx Power

Ampyx Power is a Dutch technology company working in the area of airborne wind energy.
Included are:
11 Apr 2018

Airborne Wind Energy With A Certified Aircraft

Ampyx Power, Netherlands
22 Mar 2018

Off Grid Breakthroughs and Challenges

The conference "Off Grid Energy Independence" Berlin April 11-12 will be unique in focussing exclusively on zero emission off grid and fringe-of-grid advances, challenges and prospects globally.
10 May 2017

The technology of airborne wind energy - Part III safe power

In a short series of three articles Michiel Kruijff covers the Frequently Asked Questions for all aspects of Ampyx Power's solution. This Part III is about the tether, ground systems and our certification approach.
9 May 2017

The technology of airborne wind energy - Part II the drone

Last month, Ampyx Power signed energy giant E-ON to help test their novel green energy technology.
8 May 2017

The technology of airborne wind energy - Part I: Launch & land

In short, AP-3 is a 250 kW system, using a 350 kg drone with a wingspan of 12 m. AP-3 is designed to be a demonstrator of safety and autonomy.