Parent Company
2 Feb 2022

Bosch Sensortec - Gas Sensors

Bosch Sensortec manufacture sensors for incorporation with consumer electronics. They have had success in integration of motion sensors into mobile devices and have expanded into pressure, humidity, and air quality sensing.
6 Sep 2016

TouchNetix Ltd

IDTechEx interviewed Chris Ard, the Managing Director of TouchNetix. They are a touchscreen technology developer including force touch implementation.
14 Oct 2015

Printed Electronics USA 2015 Hits Record High with Over 200 Exhibitors

Only two percent of exhibition space left at world's largest event on printed, flexible and organic electronics
8 Oct 2015

Energy Harvesting USA Agenda Launched

Leaders cover high power and low power energy harvesting at the World's largest event on energy harvesting technologies and their application, Energy Harvesting & Storage USA, to be held in Santa Clara on November 18-19.
22 Sep 2015

Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Atmel for $4.6 Billion

Dialog Semiconductor and Atmel Corporation have announced that Dialog has agreed to acquire Atmel in a cash and stock transaction for total consideration of approximately $4.6 billion.
10 Jun 2015

SIGFOX adds Denmark to its global Internet of Things network

SIGFOX and IoT Denmark A/S have announced plans to roll out the SIGFOX network in the Scandinavian country.
15 Apr 2015

Atmel Corp discuss Internet of Things

Atmel has over 40,000 customers of its MCUs - companies embedding MCUs to make devices powering the Internet of Things.
2 Mar 2015

Explore radical new enabling technologies behind wearable technology

Europe's biggest wearable technology event exploring the upcoming technologies and their market drivers.
19 Aug 2014

ITO replacements: time to take-off or fizzle out

Over the past five years there have been a large number of companies developing transparent conductive film (TCF) alternatives for ITO. Including material providers and film providers, IDTechEx have covered almost 100 organizations, working across more than 12 types of transparent conductive film technologies.
18 Apr 2014

Novel printed electronics technologies closer to mainstream

Ynvisible has revealed its printed electronics prototyping platform, Printoo.
1 Mar 2013

Highlights from the Electronic Display Conference, Nuremberg - Part 2

IDTechEx Research recently attended and presented at this event. The following are highlights from three companies - PolyIC, Atmel and Canatu - who presented on transparent conductive film (TCF) technology.
31 Jan 2013

Industry-standard ultra-low power microcontroller benchmarks

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has announced its intent to create a standardized, industry-endorsed method to evaluate the energy efficiency of ultra-low power (ULP) microcontrollers.
23 Aug 2011

DisplaySearch: Emerging display technologies

Eileen Tanghal of Applied Ventures opened the conference. Applied Ventures is the venture arm of Applied Materials ($9.5B revenue in 2010) with companies such as Liquavista, Plextronics, Terabarrier, SAGE Electrochromics and Semprius being the most relevant companies backed by funding from Applied Ventures.
23 Aug 2007

RFID in China - the biggest RFID market this year

This year, for the first time, China has become the world's largest market for RFID by value. A new report