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GGI Solutions

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As a level 1 member of the Printable Electronics Consortium created by the National Research
Council Canada, GGI is at the forefront of leading edge innovations.
From curved capacitive interfaces, printed heaters, printed devices, frequency selective surfaces, in mold electronics, biosensors, to new conductive materials development, our innovation team plays a key role in offering custom solutions for various market applications.
By combining our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise and capabilities, we offer advanced printed solutions where customers can benefit from numerous advantages such as: optimized costs, enhanced safety, energy optimization, reduced weight and form factor, flexibility and conformability.
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GGI Solutions
18 Mar 2022

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E2IP, formerly GGI Solutions, specializes in human machine interfaces and printed electronics. One of its key products is molecular ink, which is highly conductive, stretchable and flexible. They have also developed printed heaters based on PCT thermistors, capacitive sensors and frequency selective surfaces, primarily with a view to applying them in in-mold electronics (IME).
16 Sep 2019

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