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The University of Michigan is a major education and research institution.
The mission of the University of Michigan is to serve the people of Michigan and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, art, and academic values, and in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future.
University of Michigan
15 Feb 2024

Materials Informatics 2024-2034: Markets, Strategies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale
11 Oct 2023

Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien
14 Aug 2023

Aerogels 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
9 Aug 2023


Iontra are a US company developing battery management system technology and software to improve Li-ion battery performance including fast charge capability.
21 Jun 2023

Carbon Nanotubes 2023-2033: Market, Technology & Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien and Dr Alex Holland
13 Sep 2022

Detecting Concussion Injuries Using Novel Neck Bandages

Sensors used to detect head impacts in athletes who play high-impact sports like football traditionally have been placed inside their helmets, which can lead to false or incomplete readings. Researchers have created a thin sensor that instead can be worn on an athlete's neck to identify concussion injuries.
25 Aug 2022

Using Transparent Solar Power for Cultivating Crops

Recent scholarly research highlights the economic and environmental costs associated with greenhouse crop cultivation. However, because greenhouses are crucial for increasing product yield in tightly controlled climates, it's not a cultivation technique farmers can live without.
25 Jul 2022

Patient Deterioration Predictor to Surpass Traditional Vital Signs

An artificial intelligence-driven device that works to detect and predict hemodynamic instability may provide a more accurate picture of patient deterioration than traditional vital sign measurements, a study suggests.
21 Apr 2022

Tumors Partially Destroyed with Sound Don't Come Back

Noninvasive sound technology breaks down liver tumors in rats, kills cancer cells and spurs the immune system to prevent further spread—an advance that could lead to improved cancer outcomes in humans
11 Apr 2022

Smarter 3D Printing Makes Better Parts Faster

3D printers may soon get better at producing intricate metal and plastic parts, thanks to new software developed at the University of Michigan that reduces harmful heat buildup in laser powder bed fusion printers.
2 Feb 2022

Robot Aided Assembly Helps Speed Pace of Discovery for New Technology

The ability to make, say, a flexible screen or a new solar panel, starts with discovering a new combination of materials with unusual properties at the atomic scale. But in the field of 2D materials, which is considered one of the most exciting areas for future electronics, scientists still have to laboriously hand-make each new potential material before they can test its capabilities.
19 Jan 2022

1,000-Cycle Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Quintuple EV Ranges

A new biologically inspired battery membrane has enabled a battery with five times the capacity of the industry-standard lithium ion design to run for the thousand-plus cycles needed to power an electric car.
16 Dec 2021

NASA Enters the Solar Atmosphere for the First Time, New Discoveries

For the first time in history, a spacecraft has touched the Sun. NASA's Parker Solar Probe has now flown through the Sun's upper atmosphere - the corona - and sampled particles and magnetic fields there.
23 Aug 2021

Package Delivery Robots' Environmental Impacts

Whether a robot or a person delivers your package, the carbon footprint would essentially be the same, according to a study that could help inform the future of automated delivery as the pandemic fuels a dramatic rise in online shopping.
30 Jun 2021

Nanotech OLED Electrode Frees 20% More Light, Could Slash Power Use

A new electrode that could free up 20% more light from organic light-emitting diodes has been developed. It could help extend the battery life of smartphones and laptops, or make next-gen televisions and displays much more energy efficient.
27 May 2021

3D Print Technology to Advance Dental and Facial Reconstruction

3D printing technology will be used to rebuild human teeth, bones and tissues at The University of Queensland's new Centre for Orofacial Regeneration, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (COR3).
7 Dec 2020

Advancing Gene Editing with new CRISPR/Cas9 Variant

Using a new variant to repair DNA will improve both safety and effectiveness of the much-touted CRISPR-Cas9 tool in genetic research, Michigan Medicine researchers say.
22 Oct 2020

UMF Corporation

UMF Corporation have developed and commercialized high performance fibers and antimicrobial technologies for infection prevention and control. IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed George Clark, Founder and CEO of UMF Corporation, on 13 Oct 2020.
28 Sep 2020

Mirror Like Photovoltaics Get More Electricity out of Heat

New heat-harnessing "solar" cells that reflect 99% of the energy they can't convert to electricity could help bring down the price of storing renewable energy as heat, as well as harvesting waste heat from exhaust pipes and chimneys.
2 Sep 2020

Powering Robots with Biomorphic Batteries

A new rechargeable zinc battery can provide much more energy and integrate into the structure of a robot like biological fat reserves store energy in animals. This approach to increasing capacity will be particularly important as robots shrink to the microscale and below—scales at which current stand-alone batteries are too big and inefficient.