Third Generation Solar Technology: Transforming Buildings into Power Plants with DSC

Mr Marc Thomas, CEO
Dyesol Inc
United States


Dyesol (Mr Marc Thomas) - Presentation*

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講演者の経歴 (Marc Thomas)

As the President of Dyesol, Inc., a division of Dyesol Party Limited, Mr. Thomas is responsible for Dyesol's Dye Sensitized Solar Cell growth in the America's focusing on the BIPV/BAPV, PV, Consumer, Military, and Automotive market segments.
Mr Thomas has over 25 years of experience successfully translating technologies into ongoing enterprise in company's ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. By leveraging this unique blend of operations, engineering, manufacturing, business development and management expertise, Mr Thomas accelerates the product development and deployment cycle resulting in a significant strategic advantage to company's and program's. Prior to joining Dyesol, Mr. Thomas previously held technical and senior management positions at FORD, GE Plastics, Lectus, The Tech Group, LiveScribe and served in interim management roles for other private and public firms. Mr Thomas has 8 patents and holds a degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Lowell.

会社紹介 (Dyesol)

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Dyesol, a global supplier of dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) photovolatic technology, is collaborating with top tier corporations around the world, such as Tata Steel, to develop flexible cell-based product solutions for the consumer goods market.
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