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For over 50 years, Emerson & Cuming has focused on providing high performance conductive inks and adhesives for the most demanding electronic industries around the world. Their state-of-the-art antenna inks provide the best solution for solvent and temperature-sensitive substrates, while their novel snap cure die attach adhesives enable low cost tag assembly at high production speeds. The company remains at the forefront as a proven leader with exceptional antenna inks and die attach adhesives for RFID tag assembly.
Emerson & Cuming
4 Jul 2008

Henkel in China

To promote electronics material advancement in China, Henkel and Shanghai University, in conjunction with several leading research universities, have now entered into an agreement to form a Shanghai Region Joint Electronics Research and Failure Analysis Center.
13 Feb 2008

IDTechEx Review: Flexible Displays Conference Part 2

Part 2 of the IDTechEx review of the Flexible Displays Conference in Phoenix.
19 Nov 2007

Printable circuit assembly materials

Emerson & Cuming has added the well-known series of polymer thick films, conductive inks and coatings of sister company Acheson Electronic Materials to its own circuit assembly materials offerings.
13 Jun 2007

Inorganic Printed Electronics - The Great Opportunity

The future $300 billion market for printed electronics is emerging via thin film electronics. The contribution of organic materials to this is greatly publicized but the best devices being developed usually rely on inorganic or combined inorganic/organic technology. The more select groups developing these inorganic materials and devices have a great future. IDTechEx has published the first study on Inorganic Printed and Thin Film Electronics. Here Dr Peter Harrop summarises some of the findings.
3 Apr 2007

Europe Takes Leadership in Printed Electronics

Surprisingly, Europe has been pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many aspects of printed and potentially printed electronics just lately. Learn more in this article.
29 Mar 2006

Development of Isotropic conductive adhesive for metallic substrates used in RFID tag assembly

Emerson & Cuming, United States
21 Sep 2005

Novel enabling technology for high speed RFID tag assembly

Emerson & Cuming, Belgium
29 Jun 2005

Options for conductive inks

Acheson Colloids, United States
29 Jun 2005

Conductive adhesives for high speed assembly: low temperature, spot cure technology

Emerson & Cuming, United States
7 Jun 2005

Implementing RFID - Smart Labels Europe 2005

6 May 2005

Smart Labels USA 2005

RFID from pallet to item level: How to manufacture, implement and use RFID Smart Labels
20 Jan 2005

Smart Labels USA launched