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Ii-vi Inc
20 Jul 2021

Thermoelectric Cooling, Heating, Harvesting: 90 Companies Appraised, Market, Roadmap 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
13 Jul 2021

ll-Vl Marlow Industries

II-VI Marlow is a division of II-VI Incorporated. Marlow offers turnkey solutions for customers looking to solve thermal challenges.
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25 Jun 2021

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting and Other Zero-Emission Electricity from Heat 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report:
21 Jun 2021

Plant-Based Meat 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent
13 May 2021

Cultured Meat 2021-2041: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent
13 Apr 2021

Battery Elimination in Electronics: Market Impact IoT, 6G, Healthcare, Wearables 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report:
19 Jan 2021

6G Communications Market, Devices, Materials 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
4 Jun 2019

II-VI Incorporated

II-VI Incorporated manufacture photonic products.
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3 Oct 2018

Alternative Energy Innovations

Marlow Industries is the producer of EverGen Power strap, which is very similar in design to AEInnova's WHRU system, although it is not clear whether Marlow are able to offer the same level of microelectronic precision as AEInnova. At a company level, Marlow is much larger and more established.
2 Sep 2015

Theremoelectric generating power strap for oil and gas applications

PowerStrap utilises a rugged thermoelectric generator (TEG) coupled with our robust electronics technology to harvest heat/ thermal energy from fluid filled pipes or exhaust stacks to provide a viable, economical, and perpetual power source for Industrial and Oil/Gas applications.
16 Mar 2015

Alphabet Energy, Inc.

19 Nov 2014

Applications for Thermal Energy Harvesting

II-VI Marlow, United States
19 May 2014

Marlow Industries Inc

Marlow Industries, a subsidiary of II-VI Inc. is a leading manufacturer of solutions based on thermoelectric materials for a wide range of applications in a variety of vertical market segments.
Included are:
2 Apr 2014

Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications Update - Seven Years of Volume Production + Advanced System Design Trials

Marlow Industries, United States
21 Nov 2013

Thermal Energy Harvesting Solutions Today

Marlow Industries, United States
17 Apr 2013

Thermal Energy Harvesting in Volume

Marlow Industries, United States
8 Nov 2012

Thermal Energy Harvesting Today - Volume Production-Ready Systems from Microwatts to Kilowatts

Marlow Industries, United States
16 May 2012

Thermal Energy Harvesting and Power Management for Today's Sensor and Actuation Applications

Marlow Industries, United States
16 Nov 2011

Thermal Energy Harvesting from Solid or Liquid Sources, Optimizing for Maximum Power, Size, or Form Factor at Low ΔT

Marlow Industries, United States
21 Jun 2011

Optimized, Low ΔT Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters for Water, Air or Solid Heat Sources and Sinks

Marlow Industries, USA