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Loughborough University is one of the top ten universities in the UK with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, strong links with business and industry and unraveled sporting achievement. Loughborough University Sports Technology Institute is a £15M facility housing the Sports Technology Research Group, one of the world's leading research groups of its kind and the largest in the UK. The Group has established an international reputation for its work with global brands including adidas, Callaway Golf, Canterbury of New Zealand, Dunlop, Head, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Slazenger, Spalding, Speedo and Umbro on the design, simulation, testing and manufacture of sporting goods.
Around 50 academics, research associates, technicians and PhD students carry out wide-ranging research including athletic footwear, technical apparel, protective equipment, balls, bats, clubs, rackets and fitness equipment. The track record of design-led innovation and accelerating novel concepts from initial stages through to commercialisation is unparalleled.
Loughborough University
3 Aug 2020

The Solar Cell You Can Print

These next-generation photovoltaics show great promise: their performance competes with current technology, but they have the advantages of being flexible, lightweight, cheap to produce, and they can be printed directly onto products during manufacture.
26 Jun 2019

Vicon reveals comprehensive inertial tracking system

Using the new sensor, anyone from athletes in the field to researchers in the lab can record performance data and process it through one of three software platforms.
30 May 2019

Selenium improves thin film solar cells

The rows of blue solar panels that dot landscapes and rooftops are typically made out of crystalline silicon, the workhorse semiconductor found in virtually every electronic device.
11 Apr 2019

Machine Learning Of Sports Movement Data Patterns For Injury Prevention In Cricket

Loughborough University, United Kingdom
11 Oct 2018

Genetic tool to predict adult heart attack risk in childhood

People at high risk of a heart attack in adulthood could be spotted much earlier in life with a one-off DNA test, according to new research.
10 Aug 2018


Dearman is a UK based technology start-up that has developed the Dearman Engine; a piston engine that runs on liquid nitrogen fuel. Started in 2013 by inventor Peter Dearman, the company is now well underway with commercial trials for the engine in transport refrigeration, with diesel genset replacement applications planned over the next 2-5 years. IDTechEx spoke with Dearman's Business Development Manager and Commercial Analyst to learn more about the technology and the company's future plans.
6 Aug 2018

EPSRC announces £16 million investment in Supergen Energy Hubs

Three £5 million energy research hubs and a new £1 million network in solar energy that will build multidisciplinary collaborations between universities, academic bodies and industry were announced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
15 Jul 2016

Partnership to drive innovation in wearable technology for clothing

Flex has partnered with MAS Holdings to develop revolutionary new wearable technologies that accelerate and integrate the Intelligence of Things into clothing and enable more natural, intuitive interactions between people and technology.
17 Dec 2015

Perovskite boosts silicon solar cell efficiency

A UK company claims it can boost the efficiency of a silicon solar cell by 20% by adding a layer of the light-sensitive crystal perovskite.
18 Nov 2015

Printed & Fibre Supercapacitors: Research to Enterprise?

Loughborough Design School, United Kingdom
30 Oct 2015

Mosaic Solutions

1 Jul 2015

3D printing goes high speed and high volume

The world's first additive manufacturing machine that can make plastic parts as fast and as cheaply as traditional manufacturing is to be built by the University of Sheffield.
26 May 2015

Pavegen kickstarts crowd funding round with flagship installation

Pavegen celebrate the launch of their first crowdfunding round on Crowdcube, the leading equity crowdfunding platform, spearheaded by an installation in the heart of the Canary Wharf District
21 Apr 2015

Flagship Pavegen installation confirmed for Canary Wharf district

Pavegen are selected to implement their technology in the heart of Canary Wharf.
13 Mar 2015


12 Aug 2014

Project reduces EV battery weight by 41%

UK-based Cenex is part of a consortium which has just completed a two-year project to reduce both the weight and cost of EV batteries, succeeding by shaving 99 pounds, or about 41% of the weight off a standard EV battery.
8 Jan 2014

First school in the US to install energy generating tiles

Riverdale Country School is the first high school (or college) in the United States to install Pavegen's tiles that convert footsteps into electrical energy.
9 Dec 2013


The Centre is run jointly between the University of Nottingham and Loughborough University.
21 Nov 2013

Hybrid and Multi-systems 3D Printing for novel functional products

Loughborough University, United Kingdom
2 Aug 2012

Heated trousers, sustainable walkways:new ball game at London Olympics

With the Olympics underway, the whole world is looking to London and the excitement the Games are promising over the next couple of weeks. What sometimes goes unnoticed is the innovation that is ever present in the games, the limelight being stolen by exciting duels, explosive races and record breaking performances.