4 Sep 2020


BotFactory produce desktop size equipment for PCB prototyping and additive manufacturing of circuits. Their equipment includes printing of conductive and dielectric inks and adhesives, thermal and UV curing, and pick-and-place capability.
6 May 2020

Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Future of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) is a novel approach to electronic circuit manufacturing that aims to combine the best of printed and conventional electronics.
24 Mar 2020

Sunray Scientific

Sunray Scientific has developed a magnetic anisotropic conductive elastomer (ACE), which enables much enhanced vertical conductivity using magnetic fields rather than pressure.
17 Mar 2020

Technology Development Toward Multilayered Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Flexible Hybrid Electronics have been used to fabricate multi-layer circuits that are conformable, low-cost and suitable for a wide variety of applications, from smart packaging, connected healthcare, intelligent industrials to efficient infrastructure.
3 Mar 2020

Jabil (Flexible Electronics Dept)

Jabil are a large electronics manufacturing company with over 170 000 employees worldwide. This profile interview focuses on their printed/flexible/hybrid electronics capabilities.
14 Feb 2020

Quad Industries

Quad Industries is a Belgian company that describes itself as a "solution provider for flexible electronics". It offers prototyping and manufacturing capability, with a particular focus on user interfaces. As such, much of their expertise is in assembly and manufacturing techniques.
31 Jan 2020

Alpha Assembly

Alpha is the market leader in providing surface mount technology (SMT) solutions, which includes solder in various forms along with conductive adhesives. This profile primarily focuses on a new product that is highly relevant for printed/flexible electronics, specifically low temperature solder. This should facilitate attaching components to low-cost, flexible, transparent substrates such as PET.
11 Apr 2019

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2019 Award Winners

At the 15th IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference and exhibition in Berlin on April 10-11, four companies were honoured for their great achievements in developing and commercialising printed electronics technologies.
3 Apr 2019

Manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards without any chemicals

Driven by science, innovation and research, DP Patterning AB develops products that turn the manufacturing of electronic circuits upside down - and let you go from idea to production in hours.
27 Mar 2019

NovaCentrix continues to expand Invent offerings

The pace of innovation is only accelerating, and NovaCentrix remains at the forefront of tools, materials, and processes for advancement in flexible hybrid electronics.
19 Sep 2018

Imprint Energy new investments to advance ultrathin flexible batteries

Imprint Energy announced the successful completion of a $5 million investment round. Imprint has continued its progress toward commercialization. Multiple manufacturing partners have successfully printed Imprint batteries using their existing standard printing equipment, and Imprint batteries are moving into field trials of IoT products.
4 Jul 2018

Cymbet Corporation

Cymbet is privately held clean technology company working on thin film battery technology and energy harvesting power management solutions for microelectronic systems.
8 Nov 2017

Spotlight on NovaCentrix

NovaCentrix is pleased to announce their newest release of a PulseForge® Photonic Curing System at Printed Electronics USA 2017.
26 Apr 2016

Mass producible injection molden structural electronics innovation

TactoTek, a leading manufacturer of 3D injection molded structural electronics solutions has announced that it will present production innovations that deliver mass production scalability at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference in Berlin, Germany on 27-28 April.
6 Feb 2015

Three new positioning modules with embedded antenna

Enabler of the Internet of the Things has announced the launch of three new positioning modules with embedded smart antenna
14 Oct 2013

World's first in-vacuum film cleaning system

Teknek has introduced the world's first contact cleaning system for thin films that can be used in high vacuum.
24 Sep 2013

Teknek Ltd.

Teknek was founded in 1978, supplying consumables to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry worldwide. In 1984 Teknek started to develop a contact cleaning technology to meet the growing need for high levels of surface cleanliness required in the electronics industry, particularly PCB manufacturers. The Teknek Clean Machine soon became popular and an integral part of any PCB production line.
14 Jul 2013

Synkera Technologies Inc

Synkera was initially founded as an R&D and incubator company in nanotechnology, with a majority of the revenues coming from contracts under the SBIR program (Small Business Innovation Research). In recent years, the company has observed increased interest in their sensor technology and is now focusing on developing gas sensors for smartphones and mobile devices.
15 Jan 2010

Infinite Power Solutions and Arrow Electronics Sign Global Agreement

Infinite Power Solutions (IPS), an industry leader in solid-state, thin-film energy storage and energy-harvesting power management products, today announced a global distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW), a leading global distributor of electronic components and solutions. Under the agreement, Arrow will distribute IPS' award-winning INFINERGY™ Micro Power Module (MPM) product family.
5 Nov 2009

INFINERGY Micro Power Module Product Family

Infinite Power Solutions, Inc., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of solid-state, rechargeable, thin-film energy storage devices, formally unveiled its INFINERGY(TM) Micro Power Module products at the Energy Harvesting & Storage USA conference in Denver, Colorado.