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4 Dec


Zoox develops fully autonomous, purpose-built fleet to provide mobility services.
29 Nov

A $250Bn Revolution: Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles in Delivery

Automation in the delivery/logistic and warehousing/fulfilment chain is a growing market. A particularly exciting subset of this is the use of mobile robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles for automation of movement-based tasks.
26 Nov

IDTechEx Explains Significance of Driving Tesla and Squad Solar

It is happening rapidly now. The startups Sono Motors and Lightyear announced solar family cars available next year. They have solar bodies rather than the useless scrap of solar roof seen on other cars. That means many owners will never plug in. They do not have the acceleration of a Tesla, but Lightyear cheekily points out that its Lightyear One will go 740 km faster than any Tesla because the Tesla would have to stop and plug in.
20 Nov

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation are developing lidar technology.
18 Nov

Solid State Batteries at the IDTechEx Show!

Find out how companies are continuing to improve cell and battery performance and the post Li-ion batteries being developed to break through these limits at Energy Storage Innovations USA, hosted by IDTechEx.
8 Nov

BYD and Toyota to Establish Joint R&D Company for BEVs

BYD Company Ltd and Toyota Motor Corporation have signed an agreement to establish a joint company for research and development for battery electric vehicles. The new R&D company, which will work on designing and developing BEVs (including platform) and its related parts, is anticipated to be established in China in 2020, with BYD and Toyota to evenly share 50% of the total capital needed.
5 Nov

Connected Cars Windscreen Wipers Aid Weather Reports

Weathernews INC and Toyota Motor Corporation began a verification test in which the conditions of roads and their surroundings are ascertained using the operating status of windshield wipers, as well as weather data.
1 Nov

Solar Cars at $15 billion - Just the Beginning

Solar vehicle bodywork has just progressed from curiosity to key enabling technology. The new 180-page IDTechEx report, "Solar Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains 2020-2030" explains why and forecasts the next ten years with solar cars at $15 billion 2030 just a beginning.
24 Oct

Will Fuel Cells Succeed in Buses?

At the world's largest bus event, Busworld in Belgium in October 21-23 2019, Herald Ruijters of DG Move in the European Commission was very enthusiastic about fuel cell buses.
16 Oct


Panasonic is one of the largest suppliers of Li-ion batteries. They will have to continue investment in production capacity to maintain a leading position in the market.
14 Oct

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co are expanding their LIB cathode production and recycling capabilities.
9 Oct


Waymo began as the Google Self-Driving Car Project in 2009 and became a stand-alone subsidiary of Alphabet in 2016, developing autonomous mobility services.
3 Oct

New Miracles from Electrically Smart Materials

The new IDTechEx report, "Solar Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains 2020-2030" explains how we even have energy-positive electric vehicles now. This is leading to dual functions with considerable benefits to society and paybacks.
23 Sep

Batteries: Unknowns and Certainties

It is certain that lithium batteries will be dominant over the coming decade and their chemistry will change in pursuit of reduction in cost and flammability and to obtain greater energy density. Uniquely, IDTechEx forecasts the biggest application - electric vehicles - in 101 categories, but any forecast has assumptions that matter a great deal. In the IDTechEx report, "Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles 2020-2030", IDTechEx forecasts ten years assuming, not predicting, no global recession and no shortages.
13 Sep


Luminar Technologies offer lidar modules.
30 Aug


Anellotech is a biotechnology company developing biobased aromatic chemical intermediates and fuels.
27 Aug

Toyota provides electric vehicles for Tokyo 2020

Toyota Motor Corporation , worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will provide a full line-up of electrified vehicles. Toyota, together with the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, aims to achieve the lowest emissions target level of any official fleet used at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and thereby also helping to reduce the environmental burden of the Games.
9 Aug

Death of internal combustion: 1000 kilometers EV range

Electric aircraft have got there. Cars next. With no road resistance, the best electric aircraft, the Bye Aerospace eFlyer, achieves 1000km with its solar wing option. This range will be the final nail in the coffin of internal combustion cars. It is longer than some of them offer. With gasoline stations shutting down, guess who then gets range anxiety! See the IDTechEx reports, "Electric Vehicles 2020-2030" forecasting premium solar cars, mainstream solar cars and 98 other EV categories: unique detail. See also the IDTechEx report, "Manned Electric Aircraft 2020-2030".
1 Aug

Asada Mesh

Asada Mesh provides stainless steel mesh for the screen printing electronics industry. The company has demonstrated sub 20 micron screen printed conductive line widths using its mesh and has the leading market share for mesh supply for multi layered ceramic capacitors and photovoltaics.
29 Jul

Highlights From EVS 32

Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) is the longest-running and largest event dedicated solely to electric vehicles. Having started in 1969, this year was the 50th anniversary of EVS, held in Lyon, France. IDTechEx Analyst Luke Gear was in attendance and presents his findings in this article.
Included are: