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12 July 2022 by Dr James Jeffs
Roboshuttles are a new type of vehicle that we first saw emerging at the start of the last decade. Since then, many companies have shown interest in roboshuttles. They have generated excitement through their small size and bidirectional travel opening new use cases, such as operating in pedestrianised areas. Companies like Navya and EasyMile have been selling roboshuttles to other companies looking to investigate their use in small trials. Some have been able to expand to large trials involving tens to hundreds of units. However, we are starting to see some roboshuttle companies close their doors and others pivot to other vehicle types. While other autonomous technologies are now progressing into commercial trials and even early deployments, roboshuttles appear to be stagnating. This premium article explores and compares more than 25 different companies that have been involved in roboshuttles. IDTechEx has collected data on each of these companies and uses it to provide in-depth analysis and understanding of the roboshuttle industry in this premium article. From investigating the successes and failings within the industry, IDTechEx has formed an opinion about the outlook of roboshuttles and whether they are likely to be a commercial success in the future.
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