Coronis and Essensium: Localization within Wireless Sensor Networks (Joint presentation) (RFID Europe 2008)

Mr Christophe Dugas, Director of Marketing & Communications
Coronis Systems - Essensium
Oct 01, 2008.


Coronis and Essensium Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • Wavenis ultra-low-power and long-range wireless technology meets cutting edge LOcalization Sensor Technology (LOST)

Speaker Biography (Christophe Dugas)

Christophe Dugas graduated from Polytech Montpellier (France) in 1990 with a degree in Microelectronics Engineering. As a Technical Project Manager in the UHF and Microwave industry from 1990 to 1995, he developed microwave sensors for autonomous robotics. In 1996, he joined STMicroelectronics as the Technical Marketing Manager for the RF product line. He was then appointed to the Nokia Wireless Division as a Strategic Marketing Manager for Application Specific RF ICs. In Oct. 2001, he finally took up a new challenge by joining Coronis Systems.
Today, he is the Director of Marketing and Communications. His role is also to promote and to work on standardization process of Wavenis wireless technology designed by Coronis Systems. Christophe is speaker to many international congress, trade shows and conferences, and member of several international standardization committees and author of several patents and papers published for international conferences.

Company Profile (Coronis Systems)

Coronis Systems logo
Coronis Systems designs and develops ultra-low-power long-range wireless solutions and platforms for OEMs and integrators.
The company is the creator of Wavenis a highly optimized wireless platform based on the Wavenis RF core and wireless connectivity protocol. Coronis Systems offers system integrators a complete line of wireless products and development platforms for creating custom devices in many markets. With its proven industrial maturity, Wavenis is surfacing as the ideal ultra-low-power and long-range solution to complement Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.
In keeping with its initial long-term strategy, Coronis Systems is now opening Wavenis specifications for industry-wide standardization. Purely as a wireless connectivity platform, Wavenis offers a powerful foundation for a wide range of application protocols wishing to extend their performance with truly ultra-low-power, long-range, reliability, robustness and coexistence features.
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