Silicone Elastomers Dedicated To The Additive Manufacturing, From Prototypes To Functional Parts (3D Printing Europe 2019)

Dr Damien Djian, PhD, Additive Manufacturing Engineer
Elkem Silicones France S.A.S.

Presentation Summary

The additive manufacturing is still a young material transformation technology compared to the injection-moulding, the extrusion or even the calendaring industrial processes. However, thanks to the tremendous progresses made in this field regarding the hardware, the materials and the developments of the digital world, this technology appears to be one the best answers to the new challenges: development acceleration, mass-customization, Industry 4.0, etc.
If we focus on the materials for the 3D printing, one can see that the majority of raw materials are thermosetting resins even if the need of soft materials is now a reality for Additive Manufacturing of functional materials. Today, flexible materials are mostly used for prototyping with most of the time strong compromises on the physico-chemical and mechanical properties. In this lecture, we propose to fulfil this challenge thanks to the new silicone elastomer technologies dedicated to the additive manufacturing. Some printing processes and physicochemical properties will be reviewed to show why the silicone elastomers are suitable to meet the needs of 3D-printing soft materials.

Speaker Biography (Damien Djian)

Dr. Damien Djian studied chemistry at the French Engineering School of Clermont-Ferrand specialized in rubbers and thermoplastics synthesis and ageing mechanism.
During his M.Sc. and then Ph.D., he studied the fluorinated membrane process for Lithium-ion batteries. He joined Elkem Silicones France S.A.S. in 2007 in the R&D Department as project manager to design new silicone elastomers for different applications and markets. Now his studies are focused on the silicone technologies for the additive manufacturing.

Company Profile (Elkem Silicones)

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Elkem Silicones offers a full range of silicone materials for medical and electronic applications, including LSRs, HCRs, RTVs, skin adhesives, gels, foams, adhesives and conductive potting materials. In addition, we offer developmental silicone materials suitable for additive manufacturing or 3D printing applications.
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