Conductive Inks 2018-2028: Market Updates and Forecasts

Conductive ink technology never ceases to adopt and find new markets. It is this excellent adaptability that has enabled this technology to stay competitive over the years as the requirements in its end-user markets have changed and/or as new markets with diverse and fragmented needs have emerged.
We have been providing annual market reports on conductive inks and pastes for the past seven years. This webinar is part of our annual engagement with the community, providing the latest yearly market and technology updates within the field. It is a must-attend event for the community.
This webinar will cover both core (existing) and nascent (emerging) applications. More specifically, it will start by considering the core markets, assessing the latest trends in the photovoltaics, touch screen and automotive industry.
Next, it will report on the progress in several emerging markets that are transiting into the commercial phase. In this regard, it will discuss the latest global progress and trends in (a) the use of inks in transparent conductive layers, (b) stretchable conductive inks for e-textile and similar applications, (c) in-mould electronics inks and applications, and (d) conformally deposited inks on 3D-shaped or curved shapes/surfaces.
In the former section (conformal coatings), it will cover the progress in aerosol deposited 3D-shaped antennas and will extensively discuss on-chip conformal EMI shielding coatings. This last topic is very hot these days as the industry seeks to replace sputtered solutions in consumer electronics devices. Lastly, it will cover Ag-based sintered die attach pastes before giving a quick round-up of other applications and discussing our market forecasts.
This webinar covers content from the IDTechEx report Conductive Ink Markets 2018-2028: Forecasts, Technologies, Players.


Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
Research Director