Creating a Circular Economy: Emerging Sustainable Materials to Watch in 2024

As major brands and governments continue to adopt and refine their sustainability roadmaps, more sustainable materials are urgently needed to fulfill these sustainability targets. The necessity of replacing plastics with greener alternatives is especially relevant, as governments increasingly crack down on unnecessary plastic usage in a bid to reduce the environmental and health impacts of plastics. Such regulations have reached the global level, as the United Nations is currently developing a legally binding treaty to end plastic pollution.
The question is, which emerging technologies will be able to address this demand for sustainable plastic alternatives in numerous fields, such as fashion, packaging, and automotive? IDTechEx has explored this question through its sustainability market research portfolio and has identified several emerging sustainable material technologies of high interest. So, in this webinar, IDTechEx will provide a comprehensive overview of the most intriguing emerging sustainable technologies, as well as insights into their recent progress and outlook for 2024.
The technology areas covered in this webinar include:
  • White Biotechnology
  • Sustainable Plastic Packaging
  • CO2 Utilization for Chemicals and Materials
  • Emerging Alternative Leathers
This webinar highlights some of the recent research from the IDTechEx sustainability market research portfolio.
Sona Dadhania - Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
Eve Pope - Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
James Kennedy - Technology Analyst at IDTechEx