Electric Aircraft Spark Industry Shakeout

This webinar shares some of the research for the new IDTechEx report, "Manned Electric Aircraft: Smart City and Regional 2021-2041".
The webinar looks at everything manned going electric from piloted freight to passengers flown without a pilot. From conventional takeoff and landing eCTOL to the glamorous eVTOL projects awash with billions of dollars of investment, there are hybrid, fuel cell and retrofit opportunities. However, learn how these are dwarfed by the potential of born-electric battery aircraft over the coming 20 years - right up to 100 seater and equivalent freight. From skyscraper-hopping to 1500 mile ticketed flights. Which companies have the big orders so far? Which have the big investments - not the same thing? What are the dead ends, whether business or technology? What are the multiple paybacks from much less maintenance, silence meaning permission to fly 24/7 and what other aspects? Understand how mostly new aircraft manufacturers innovating alongside savvy old and new system suppliers are setting the pace. See that particularly in the UK, Germany and USA with good things in other countries too.


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop