Electric Boats & Ships: Markets, Players, Opportunities

Electric propulsion systems for boats and ships have enjoyed steady uptake in recreational, ferry, short-sea and inland segments due to relatively small vessel sizes or well-defined operational profiles. However, some early entry points are now reaching saturation, and the industry is turning to growth from hybrid deep-sea ships, driven by unprecedented global emissions regulations from the IMO and EU. The pressure is on as China joins the fray with competitively priced LFP battery systems, helping drive the next level of growth for the industry.
This webinar, based on content from the new IDTechEx report "Electric Boats & Ships 2024-2044", explores the following market trends:
  • Marine battery market limitations & fuel options
  • Electric boat and ship markets
  • Marine batteries & chemistries
  • Battery suppliers and China
  • A look at the IDTechEx market outlook
IDTechEx Research
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Luke Gear
Luke Gear
Principal Technology Analyst