Flexible Batteries: Differentiation of Technologies and Application Market Analysis

The flexible battery market has been developing for many years and is set to reach half a billion dollars by 2035. Market growth has historically been slow, however IDTechEx anticipates increased growth in several key application areas over the next few years. This is fueled by the commercialization of new technologies (flexible advanced lithium-ion, bulk solid-state and silver-zinc), as well as increasing interest from players in wearables and smart labels/logistics. However, other application areas that were previously targeted by flexible battery players, such as skin patches and smart cards, are likely to have limited potential for growth.
IDTechEx has covered this trend in detail in the new report, "Flexible Batteries Market 2025-2035: Technologies, Forecasts, and Players".
This webinar will first examine the different flexible battery technologies, including:
  • Definition of mechanical flexibility
  • Discussion of the paths to achieving this flexibility
  • Discussion of six major chemistries (bulk solid-state, advanced lithium-ion, primary lithium, thin-film solid-state, zinc-carbon and silver-zinc)
  • Benchmarking of chemistries
  • Current differentiation of players utilizing these chemistries
  • Highlight of major players in each
  • Market share for chemistries in 2025 vs. 2035
It will then move to an analysis of flexible battery application markets, including:
  • Discussion of five categories for application markets: wearables, consumer electronics, smart labels and logistics, and smart cards.
  • Analysis of growth trends in each application market
  • Analysis of applications targeted by different players
  • Comparison of expected market share in 2025 vs 2035



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Thursday 8 August 2024

30 minutes

Webinar Times

Session #1 - Asia-Pacific
2:00am (London Time)

Session #2 - Europe
10:00am (London Time)

Session #3 - Americas
5:00pm (London Time)