Here Comes Zero Emission EV Charging Off-Grid

This webinar was originally broadcast on 12th May 2020
In this webinar, Dr Peter Harrop (Chairman of IDTechEx), explains how battery electric vehicles by land, water and air are a rapidly growing business more than quadrupling its already-large market for their charging stations by 2030.
  • What types of charging stations are involved?
  • What is their largest component of cost and how is that driving new forms of energy harvesting used?
  • Why is off-grid an increasingly attractive proposition worldwide?
  • How can Tesla fulfil its objective of taking all its charging stations off grid and what are the many benefits that will accrue?
  • What new technologies make the house, the indoor farm charging its robots and the road into a charging station and why?
  • What is failing and why?
It is all in this webinar.
The webinar shares some research from the new IDTechEx report, "Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Charging: Off-Grid 2020-2040".


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop