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How Will Lidar Technologies and Business Landscape Evolve?

Lidar is an optical sensor technology that enables machines to see the world, make decisions and navigate. 3D lidar systems scan beams of light to create a virtual model of the environment. Reflected light signals are measured and processed by the machine to detect objects, identify objects, and decide how to interact with objects. At present, machines using lidar range from small service robots to self-driving cars. Most car manufacturers consider 3D lidar essential for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles, and 3D lidar start-ups in this market have secured $1.9 billion USD in funding.
3D lidar technologies and markets are rapidly evolving, and IDTechEx analysts are tracking 106 lidar players worldwide. Each company claims to offer a unique product that is superior to competing technologies. The technology landscape is cluttered with numerous options for every component in a lidar system. IDTechEx identified four important technology choices that every lidar player and lidar user must make: measurement process, laser, beam steering mechanism, and photodetector. The technology choices made today will have immense consequences for performance, price and scalability of lidar in the future. According to the model developed by IDTechEx, the global market for 3D lidar in level 3+ autonomous vehicles grows to $5.4 billion by 2030.
This webinar provides an overview of the following:
  • 3D lidar market segments
  • The four important technology choices
  • An introduction to autonomous driving
  • Analysis of measurement process choices: TOF and FMCW
  • Analysis of laser technology choices: laser diode, fiber laser and DPSSL
  • Analysis of beam steering technology choices: mechanical, MEMS, OPA, flash, liquid crystal and other solid-state lidar
  • Analysis of photodetector technology choices: PIN photodiode, APD, SPAD and SiPM
  • Emerging technology trends
  • Lidar market analysis: 106 3D lidar players
  • Lidar market outlook for 2020-2030
This webinar is based on research conducted by Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe, an IDTechEx analyst, as part of an autonomous vehicles project directed by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, the Research Director of IDTechEx. The team have significant experience in laser physics and semiconductor physics research, in addition to experience in advising multi-billion dollar corporations on business growth and technology strategy. The research builds on the expertise of IDTechEx in the transport, electronics and photonics sectors, which includes our extensive network of contacts throughout the lidar supply chain: from materials suppliers to automotive OEMs.
Information from this webinar has been taken from the new IDTechEx report Lidar 2020-2030: Technologies, Players, Markets & Forecasts.


Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe
Dr Nilushi Wijeyasinghe
Technology Analyst