IDTechEx Electric Vehicles 2022 EOY Round-up: Record Road Sales, Emerging Electric Motors & Hydrogen Fuel-cell Opportunities

Much has happened this year in support of electric vehicle market growth. The EU confirmed an internal-combustion engine (ICE) ban; China has thrown down the gauntlet once again with record EV sales approaching 5 million/year; and the US has modernised its federal tax credit for EVs while incentivising a more localised supply chain. It is also becoming clearer that battery-electric vehicles will be the lynchpin of road transport markets - most recently with the EU's (proposed) inclusion of e-fuel powered cars & light commercial vehicles in the 2035 ICE ban, and news that the first Tesla Semi trucks are set to be delivered to Pepsi in December.
Yet, it is easy to dismiss the hurdles that the supply chain is facing when looking at exponential sales data. While IDTechEx expects the capacity of current and future giga factories will be enough to support 36 million battery-electric cars/year by 2030 (see, looking further upstream, particularly at lithium, there is uncertainty. What is becoming clear is the downsizing of battery capacities per vehicle while maintaining vehicle ranges will be key. There are many avenues to take. For example, greater numbers of DC fast chargers, more efficient motors and power electronics, weight-savings on cables and construction materials or integrated solar.
In this webinar, IDTechEx will summarise the major EV market events of 2022 alongside the underlying technology and materials developments which will underpin future growth.
Topics to be covered:
  • Electric car markets in 2022: Europe, the US and China
  • The latest trends on EV componentry: power electronics and motors
  • Heavy-duty electric vehicle developments
  • Opportunities for hydrogen fuel-cell adoption in transport
This webinar is based on IDTechEx's broader mobility research portfolio, tracking the adoption of electric vehicles, battery trends, autonomy, and demand across land, sea, and air. Helping you navigate whatever may be ahead. Find out more at


Luke Gear
Luke Gear
Principal Technology Analyst