Making Waves: The Rise of Electric Boats & Ships

This webinar was originally broadcast on 26th May 2020
In the over one hundred electric vehicle sectors tracked by IDTechEx, we predominantly foresee a transition partly or completely to a traction battery over the next two decades. The case is not so simple for the marine sector: due to the sheer scale of the power, energy and distance requirements for many vessels, reducing maritime emissions will require solutions varying from batteries and fuel cells to premium fuels, scrubbers and slow-steaming.
The following webinar, 'Making Waves: Rise of Electric Boats and Ships' provides insight into the industry's challenging transition, and will cover:
  • Which vessel types are transitioning to electric
  • Historic progress that has been made
  • Drivers for energy storage in vessels
  • Technologies and players for energy storage in ships
  • The challenges to overcome
This webinar shares some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, "Electric Leisure & Sea-going Boats and Ships 2021-2040".