Metal Additive Manufacturing: Rebounding From COVID to Hit $18 Billion

Metal additive manufacturing has faced significant effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, its growth over the past decade has been led by metal AM's numerous applications in high-value industries like aerospace/defense, medical, automotive, oil & gas, and beyond. However, these sectors have been affected in different ways during the global pandemic, and metal AM faced the additional challenge that disrupted supply chains presented over the past two years. However, 2022 has heralded metal AM's return to consistent growth and adoption, as increased number of use-cases, end-users progressing along the learning curve, more competition, and maturing supply chains is bringing new end-users into the field.
IDTechEx forecast the total annual market for metal additive manufacturing to exceed $18 billion by 2032. This webinar will discuss both metal AM's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the factors contributing to its 18.8% CAGR over the next 10 years. This webinar includes:
  • Discussion of COVID-19's effect on metal AM
  • Key trends influencing metal AM's rise, including discussion on relevant players and news
  • Overview of IDTechEx's metal AM market forecast
IDTechEx's latest detailed technical market report on the topic, "Metal Additive Manufacturing 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook", draws on years of technical data and an extensive number of primary interviews to provide extensive detailed analysis on every aspect of metal additive manufacturing. Those taking advantage of the report and this webinar will be armed with current information, technical breakdowns, and interesting insights on the dynamic area of metal additive manufacturing.