Mining Electrification - New Directions

There is consensus that all of the tens of thousands of mines in the world will electrify. Reasons include staying viable and legal, but IDTechEx reveals that another benefit is arising. This is enabling end-of-life mines and parts of mines to become electrically repurposed as massive energy storage (delayed electricity), zero-emission electricity production, and, on the back of that, low-cost manufacturing and communities. Sea-floor mining is only one reason why water power and storage is a new part of the mining toolkit.
  • Why is even seasonal storage a new requirement?
  • How is it that storage by compressed air, gravity and other non-battery options closely leverage mine assets for greater safety and viability?
  • Why does next generation solar fit so well in mines?
  • Why will almost all the expenditure on mining vehicles in 2030 be for electric versions?
It is all in this webinar, which uniquely covers timescales and new topics typically ignored in other mining reports.
This webinar shares some of the research for the IDTechEx report, "Mining Electrification: Vehicles, Generation, Repurposing 2022-2042".


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop