Piezoelectric Roads and Self-Powered IOT Sensors: Big Potential MicroW to MW?

Piezoelectric energy harvesting has seen very little commercial success despite decades of intensive research worldwide.
Nonetheless, the number of patents on the subject is rising strongly and google trends show rising interest generally. Why? What breakthroughs are expected and what are their chances? Piezoelectric sensors are more successful but still a minor part of the piezoelectric business and with patenting rising strongly here too we must ask why. What breakthroughs would be most significant in creating business and benefitting society? What about self-powered sensing with piezos doubling as harvesting and sensing?
Uniquely, the new IDTechEx report, Piezoelectric Harvesting and Sensors 2019-2039 gives-facts based analysis of all this and more. From patenting, trends, interviews, conferences and extensive travel particularly this year, the latest is presented and analysed. This webinar tells the story. For example, the need for electricity from roads and the necessary vibrational energy in busy roads are certainly there. On the other hand, the Internet of Things cannot involve the planned hundreds of millions to billions of nodes unless they are self-powered.