Plant-Based Meat: Able to Disrupt the $1 Trillion Global Meat Industry?

In recent years, the plant-based meat industry has grown rapidly, spurred on by increasing product quality and growing consumer scepticism over the issues facing the global meat industry.
Investments have also risen quickly, matching the rapid growth of the industry, with over $1.4 billion having been raised in 2020 alone. The wider food industry is reacting to this, with companies like Unilever and Nestlé releasing their own plant-based meat brands, and meat companies such as Tyson, JBS, and Perdue acquiring plant-based brands and beginning to rebrand themselves as "protein companies".
But does the plant-based meat industry have what it takes to disrupt the $1 trillion global market for conventional meat? In this webinar, Dr Michael Dent, a Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, explores the growing industry around plant-based meat and evaluates whether the industry is set to fulfil its potential.
The webinar will include:
  • The sustainability issues facing the meat industry and the need for alternatives.
  • A definition of plant-based meat and how it is produced.
  • Investments made into the plant-based meat industry.
  • An overview of the major players in the field.
  • An evaluation of the challenges and barriers facing the industry.
This webinar shares some of the research for the brand new IDTechEx report, "Plant-Based Meat 2021-2031".


Dr Michael Dent
Dr Michael Dent
Senior Technology Analyst