The Next Five Years of Quantum Technology: Hype vs. Reality

Commercial applications for quantum technology are in development worldwide. Interest in quantum is no longer reserved for academics in university labs but is the deep tech bet of choice for multiple start-ups, established companies, and investors. However, the complexity of quantum technology also leads to confusion as to how and why it can add value, where the killer applications are and, crucially, when it is likely to be disruptive.
In this webinar, IDTechEx will break down the quantum technology market and demystify some of the hype versus reality surrounding quantum computing, sensing and communications technology. The following themes will be addressed:
  • What is the state of the quantum technology market in 2023?
  • Quantum Computing: Benchmarking friends and foes
  • Quantum Sensing: Sensitivity vs. SWAP-C
  • Quantum Communications: Trading on trust
More details and twenty-year market forecasts can be found in IDTechEx's comprehensive reports "Quantum Computing 2023-2043" and "Quantum Sensors Market 2024-2044". This includes individual forecast lines for eight different technology categories, including superconducting, photonic, trapped-ion, neutral atom, silicon spin, topological, diamond defect, and annealers. There are also 60-year projections covering meta-trends for quantum computer adoption, going beyond the horizon of a realized versatile computer, and looking ahead to mass-market adoption. The quantum sensors market report includes 17 individual forecast lines with technology categories including: atomic clocks, magnetic field sensors, gyroscopes, gravimeters, and image sensors - covering superconducting, photonic, diamond, cold-atom, atomic vapor, and other key hardware platforms.