Buzz Technology

The CEO of Buzz Technology discusses their distributed manufacturing solution which allows for the creation of more socially conscious consumer products through robotics and 3D printing.

Bioprinting technology progress by L'Oréal

Technology Analyst, Dr Nadia Tsao, discusses reconstructive skin modelling with Dr Maïté Rielland, L'Oréal, who is focused on bioprinting human skin models for cosmetic evaluation.

Connecting to the IoT: Embever

Embever provide middleware to connect IoT to web applications and apps.

Third Skin Audio Technology

Third Skins CTO explains how this company wishes to use their augmented audio technology, Hy, within day-to-day lives, from conference calling, to finding a location. They hope to bring their product to market before the end of 2018.

ViCardio can measure your beat-to-beat blood pressure

The CEO of ViCardio displays how their technology measures beat-to-beat arterial blood pressure, a measurement not normally available outside of intensive care. He explains how his company is unique within the arena of bio-sensors

Korea Textile Trade Association, Korean e-textile display

Korea Textile Trade Association displayed a variety of e-textiles produced in Korea producing apparel with lights, pressure sensors and more.

Tegway's flexible thermoelectric device for sensing

TEGway have developed a flexible thermoelectric device used, in this example, to measure gases and temperature within a steam pipe through their sensors. The sensor itself is powered by the heat generated by the pipe that is being measured.

Breath! Controlling your breathing in Yoga, Pilates and Beyond

Breath! and IDTechEx analysts discuss their e-textile system which comprises of a smart garment and an app to monitor breathing through sensors within the garment.

Aerospace Material Advancements

IDTechEx Analyst, Dr Richard Collins gives a brief overview on the aerospace materials industry, covering composites, light weighting, metal alloys, nano-carbons and additive manufacturing.

Biliana K discusses technology as art

Biliana K discusses her work turning data into artwork and the development of her company.