The next step for Additive Manufacturing
November 16 - 17, 2016 | Santa Clara, CA, USA

Demonstration Street

The 3D Printing USA exhibition will feature "Demonstration Street" an area dedicated to showing a full range of 3D printed products and applications. It will include 3D printed plastic recycling systems, 3D printers; and 3D printed objects printed using methods of laser sintering, thermoplastic extrusion, digital light processing technology, plaster and binder method, selective laser sintering of nylon, and castings using 3D printed plaster molds.

Preview of Demonstration Street

Ashley Chloe Inc.

Ashley Chloe Inc. will be demonstrating their 'Helix Cuff', functional wireless Bluetooth earbuds coiled in a wrist cuff, combining fashion with a wearable technology form factor.


JAPERA will show a 'Printed TFT Array'.

Futaba Corporation

Futaba Corporation will be showing Flexible OLED Displays. Futaba's flexible OLED displays are capable of being fit to a curved surface with a 0.25mm thickness. Offered in both mono color and full color.

NEL Technologies Limited

NEL Technologies Limited will be showing their Neltex® Programmable LED Display which is manufactured using Neltex® a patented fabric circuit technology which allows the creation of electronic circuits and assemblies in a true textile solution.


Pavegen will be demonstrating 'Pavegen V2'. Pavegen is a pioneering flooring technology, utilizing footsteps to generate electricity and data in the built environment.


TactoTek will be demonstrating an example of IMSE (Injection Molded Structural Electronics), a technology that enables encapsulating the functionality and intelligence of a device into thin plastic structures. In the example, capacitive touch buttons and slider, hidden-until-lit icons, NFC, proximity sensor, TactoTek LightStripeTM, and system electronics are integrated within a 2.5 mm thick Smart Plastic Surface.


VerdanTech will be demonstrating their FHE Wireless Charger, a Flexible Hybrid Electronic (FHE) wireless mobile charging device. The Qi compliant receiver utilizes a flexible printed coil mechanically etched from a copper coated aluminum foil.

Energy Harvesting Consortium:


ADAMANT Co., Ltd will be demonstrating 3 types of EME-harvesters, a slide type EME-harvester, a switch type EME-harvester, and a force drive type EME-harvester. The slide type EME-harvester is a 21 mW harvester by gravity or acceleration. The switch type EME-harvester is a 48 mW harvester by applied force. The force drive type EME-harvester is a 77mW harvester by applied force.

Image: EME-harvester

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd will be showing an energy device for wireless sensor nodes (UMA series).

Image:Murata Umaseries

Star Micronics Co., Ltd.

Star Micronics Co., Ltd will be demonstrating 2 types of vibration harvester beacons that harvest the energy from the motion of walking, and will also be demonstrating a caster beacon for a shopping cart. For the EB10-B and EB20-B series the energy is generated and signal transmitted through a persons walk (BLE or EnOcean protocol). For the EB30-B series (caster beacon for a shopping cart) the energy is generated and signal transmitted through wheel rotation (BLE or EnOcean protocol).

Images from top:
EB10-B Vibration Harvester Beacon.
EB20-B Card Type Vibration Beacon.
EB30-B Caster Beacon.

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Cypress will show their new energy harvesting kits CYALKIT-E02 and CYALKIT-E03. The CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit (RDK) is designed to help you create tiny, solar-powered IoT devices with BLE wireless connectivity. The Solar BLE Sensor is based on Cypress' Energy Harvesting Power Management IC (PMIC) S6AE103A and EZ-BLE™ PRoC™ Module (CYBLE-022001-00). The sensor is designed to harvest energy from the sun or indoor lights and operate without a battery. This tiny RDK is a fully-loaded connectivity solution that is compact, battery-free, and BLE-ready. Cypress also offer an expansion pack CYALKIT-E03 that includes five Solar BLE Sensors.

The Solar BLE Sensor transmits temperature and humidity data using the BLE broadcasting mode. The Solar BLE Sensor is ultra-low power and works with just light energy.

The Cypress BLE-Beacon app works across iOS, Android, and PCs. The app is designed to receive and visualize beacon signals or sensor data that is transmitted by the Solar BLE Sensor. The app shows you real-time data as 2D/3D graphs. The logging data can be exported to CSV file for offline access and analysis.

Fujikura Ltd

Fujikura will be showing a 'Dye-sensitized Solar Cell (DSC)', a 'DSC Power Management Module' and a 'Low-profile DSC'.

Images from top:
Fujikura samples.
Fujikura DSC Module.

Visitors to Demonstration Street will have the opportunity to examine prototypes, and commercial products.

We invite any company with suitable products to apply for a free space in this area which can be used to demonstrate your product. Qualifying companies will be able to place a brief description of the product next to it, along with business cards and a plaque bearing the company logo. Companies exhibiting at the event will also have signage next to their products referring people to their stands.

Who can apply

Applicants for Demonstration Street must already be registered for the event; as either an attendee, exhibitor, or speaker. Applicants should have a working prototype or commercial product to show that demonstrates new advances in any of the related event topics of: 3D printing, energy harvesting, energy storage, electric vehicles, graphene, IoT, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology.

*Previous exhibitors in Demonstration Street are not eligible to re-apply.

What's included

Demonstration Street is an open 900 sq ft booth on the exhibition floor. Successful applicants will be given exhibit space and furniture in Demonstration Street to display their product FREE of charge (products are shown either freestanding, placed in a glass fronted showcase cabinet, or on a podium). Power is also supplied if required. A small sign will be placed with each product showing the company name, product description and contact details; the sign will be produced by IDTechEx Show Management. Successful applicants will also be listed as an exhibitor on the event website and in the event show guide (exhibitor listing includes a 50 company profile, logo, url).

Why will this benefit your company?

IDTechEx events are strongly marketed to many end user verticals. Attendees include brand managers and buyers who want to see working products rather than the components in the value chain. Demonstration Street aims to facilitate this by showcasing to potential customers your working products. In addition, this part of the exhibition will receive large press coverage from media beyond the electronics and manufacturing sectors.

How to apply

To apply please submit an application form. To be eligible to show your product in Demonstration Street we do ask that you are an exhibitor or attendee at the event. Please email Sarah Parish with any queries on the entry criteria.

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