Harvesting Energy From Humans To Power Wearable Devices (Energy Harvesting USA 2016)

Mr Heath Milligan, Global Sales Manager
StretchSense Ltd
New Zealand


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - StretchSense Ltd*
USA 2016 Audio Presentation - StretchSense Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

Smart garments have huge potential for sports, AR/VR, and gaming applications. However, launching a product in wearables remains a significant multidisciplinary challenge. Every day we are working with customers to develop new smart garments based on stretch sensors. My talk will share key lessons we have learned in the product development process and I will present a live demonstration of our sensor technology

Company Profile (StretchSense Limited)

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StretchSense is a B2B supplier of lightweight and high-precision sensors for companies in wearables, healthcare, sports, and motion capture industries. Soft and stretchy capacitive sensors are a new type of sensor that is in strong demand for wearable technology, a current mega trend determining new ways of human-device interaction, sports training and healthcare provision.
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