How to Design Healthcare Devices that Consumers Love? (Wearable Europe 2018)

Mr Graham Rittener, Co-Founder


Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Zinc*
Europe 2018 Video Presentation - Zinc*

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Presentation Summary

However clever technology can be in extracting data from the body, it serves no purpose if consumers are not prepared to wear the necessary sensors / devices in the first place.
Having designed several different wearable systems in consumer healthcare, including Carin by Lifesense Group (also speaking at Wearable Europe), we will show how to approach the design and development of a wearable system to give you the best possible chance of it being adopted by consumers. This will include the design of both the hardware and software. We have methodologies, processes and tools that ensure we get the highest probability of consumer adoption.

Speaker Biography (Graham Rittener)

Graham is a CoFounder of Zinc, a Design & Innovation Lab, based in Barcelona and London. He has spent most of his 20 year career helping to grow and develop some of the best creative consulting firms in the world, spanning various disciplines including innovation, human centered design, branding and interactive design.
Having worked with major brands globally - like HP, Samsung, Vodafone - on their innovation programs, Graham and Blake McEldowney launched Zinc in 2013 to bring world class design to those working in technology innovation across physical and digital. Since then, they have worked on the development of many Wearables, IoT and Smart City projects.

Company Profile (Zinc)

Zinc logo
Zinc is a Design & Innovation Lab specialising in human centred design in the field of technology innovation.
Partnering with both established brands and start-ups, we help create new products and services through world class design of physical and digital experiences in hardware and software. Our role is to help technology become accessible, meaningful, and desirable for people.
We work across many different technologies and categories including Internet of Things, Connected Home, Wearables, E-health, Smart Cities, Robotics and Blockchain.
Working out of Barcelona and London, we are an international lab partnering with businesses all over the world to help make their visions come to life.
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