MSX Smart, Green Cooking with Energy Harvesting Cooking Sensor (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Mr Albin Smrke, Consultant
MSX Technology
Mai 15, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • MSX cooking sensor and the Eco design energy clasification for cooking hobs in EU directive
  • MSX Technology's multisensory cooking technology facts - time and energy saving
  • The best automated cooking process makes cooking again center of the family life
  • Micropelt thermogenerator powers a fully self-sustaining MSX cooking sensor just from the normal process heat.

Speaker Biography (Albin Smrke) Smrke Albin is inventor and developer of patented multisensor cooking technology. Ph.D. work is on the cooking technology with wireless cooking sensors. He has experiences and major interests in analysis of regulation energy with different originally developed sensors. He has been actively researching on implementing sound regulated kettle and other applications.

Company Profile (MSX Technology)

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MSX AG Based in Stein, Switzerland, also with a UK office in Weybridge, Surrey and Laboratory in Ljubljana Slovenija. MSX Technology is a leader in the field of energy-efficient cooking technology. The private company was formed in 2008 following 12 years of scientific research and development .The company is committed to a process of continuing research and development. Since the application of the MSX technology to hobs it has also been adapted to produce energy savings in kettles. Ongoing adaptation and development programs are looking at other cooking appliances for example pressure cookers and commercial kitchen applications for MSX.
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