Product Development

IDTechEx will support you in generating product ideas, identifying and selecting suppliers and manufactures, and managing prototyping development and delivery. IDTechEx can help you if you want to:

  • Outline basic system component and performance requirements for your product concept
  • Identify best technology options for delivering the product
  • Estimate prototyping and volume production cost
  • Identify and select suppliers, manufacturers and integrators
  • Form a working consortium and deliver a prototype
  • Retain application IP

Methodology outline

Client Needs Ideas Generation and Development Supplier Identification and Engagement Prototype Delivery Business Analysis
  • Sign NDA
  • Understand client objectives, requirements, and budget
  • Brainstorm with client to come up with product ideas
  • Outline basic system component and performance requirements for implementing ideas
  • Identify best technology options for each system component such as display, battery, sensor, etc
  • Refine product idea based on technology availability and capability
  • Estimate costs
  • Identify key suppliers for each system component, for manufacture and for integration
  • Select preferred suppliers on the basis of production capability, technology readiness and delivery track record
  • Engage with suppliers and form a network covering entire product value chain
  • Manage the IP ownership process so that client retains application IP
  • Project manage consortium members to design, develop and manufacture functional prototypes
  • Learn key technological and scale up challenges in the process
  • Present recommendations in an interactive session

Why choose us?

  • Strong relationships with all technology suppliers within our field of coverage
  • Realistic assessment of suppliers’ state of technology (performance, manufacture, and cost)
  • Track record of developing, delivering and distributing many functional prototypes
  • Maintaining an up-to-date and comprehensive book of samples
  • IDTechEx does not hold IP

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