3D Printed Ophthalmic Lenses As A Key Differentiator For Integrated Smart Eyewear Solutions (Wearable Europe 2018)

Mr Peter Paul Cornelissen, VP Product Innovation


Europe 2018 Presentation - Luxexcel*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Luxexcel*
Europe 2018 Video Presentation - Luxexcel*

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Company Profile (Luxexcel)

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Luxexcel is the only company in the world with technology that can 3D print ophthalmic lenses. The company started in 2009 and has optimized its 3D print technology for the ophthalmic market. The unique and highly accurate technology allows manufacturing lenses without the need for polishing. Key benefits of the technology are the ability to eliminate operational inefficiencies and the creation of new and perfectly customized products.
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