3D Printed Prototype Device In Hospital Environment (3D Printing Europe 2016)

Mr Antti Backman, CEO
Delektre Ltd

Presentation Summary

A medical device that is based on new measurement method needs more product development rounds compared to consumer or industrial devices whose operation is known. Continuous research of the method is done along with all development rounds. This is possible when prototype device itself can be modified easily and with low cost.
It is obligatory to clean the device regularly between the measurements. This means that device structure has to be tight and robust, so that cleaning liquids do not penetrate the outer casing in a harmful way. Mostly used cleaning detergent is alcohol. Device cleaning is also easier if body structure is uniform and it is made from plastic that is durable. Medical device has to be light in color, preferably white. White color is seen pure and clean, somewhat professional and it comforts patients and sometimes even doctors mind.
Device case is 3D printed and it is printed with fused filament fabrication (FFF) desktop printer. This enables widely available and very cheap materials that have sufficient properties. Other 3D printing techniques have been tested, but no other has proven as efficient and fast.
The device is world's first handheld human soft tissue imaging device, Spectrocutometer SCMA. It is a spectral camera that takes multiple images with different light wavelengths and forms a 3D image where details up to 7 mm depth can be discovered. SCMA is used to analyze changes in skin, such as wound healing process, skin tumor development and skin aging.

Speaker Biography (Antti Backman)

Antti Backman has M.A. Industrial Design, and has working M.Sc in Electrical Engineering. He has 26 years of entrepreneurship experience and is second generation entrepreneur. He has worked in Family business and as CEO, CTO, VP Product Creation, Chairman and Member of Board. He has wide experience on product and service design, producing and marketing; Food, electronics, metal and military industries; Energy production and -storage research and is also experienced in sensors, optometry and robotics. Mr. Backman is business net-worker and visionary who solves problems with common methods but also with new and radical ideas.

Company Profile (Delektre Ltd)

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Delektre build bridges between research ideas and commercial world. This widely networked company focuses on market research weighted approach to analyse potential market yield and finding the right customer for new hightech ideas. 3D printing is one of the key technologies of Delektre during rapid prototyping applied in the product design process. Successful product idea development projects include hospital-grade prototypes manufactured with 3D printing and new LED products. Among 3D printing, Delektre is experienced with printed, large area electronics deployed in customer projects. Customers range from research centres and universities to technology companies, applying new solutions to their problems.
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