3D Printing has Been Turned into True Mass Manufacturing Globally (3D Printing Europe 2015)

Mr Antti Backman, CEO
Delektre Ltd
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Delektre Ltd*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Delektre Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

Cheap thermoplastic extruder 3D printers are most common 3D printers globally. Simple structure, low cost printing materials and freely available designs makes the printers desirable for hobbyists and prototype builders. There is a good chance that thermoplastic extruder printers are the next "Every household printer". Due the nature of 3D printers, custom design is possible for every part printed, but when the parts are printed for some certain device, production is truly scaled globally and produced in masses: one design and multiple production sites.

Speaker Biography (Antti Backman)

Antti Backman has M.A. Industrial Design, and has working M.Sc in Electrical Engineering. He has 26 years of entrepreneurship experience and is second generation entrepreneur. He has worked in Family business and as CEO, CTO, VP Product Creation, Chairman and Member of Board. He has wide experience on product and service design, producing and marketing; Food, electronics, metal and military industries; Energy production and -storage research and is also experienced in sensors, optometry and robotics. Mr. Backman is business net-worker and visionary who solves problems with common methods but also with new and radical ideas.

Company Profile (Delektre)

Delektre logo
Delektre build bridges between research ideas and commercial world. This widely networked company focuses on market research weighted approach to analyse potential market yield and finding the right customer for new hightech ideas. 3D printing is one of the key technologies of Delektre during rapid prototyping applied in the product design process. Successful product idea development projects include hospital-grade prototypes manufactured with 3D printing and new LED products. Among 3D printing, Delektre is experienced with printed, large area electronics deployed in customer projects. Customers range from research centres and universities to technology companies, applying new solutions to their problems.
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