A New R2R Manufacturing Concept for Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics USA 2013)

Mr Huib van den Heuvel, New Business Development
VDL Enabling Technologies Group
Nov 21, 2013.


VDL Enabling Technologies Group (Mr Huib van den Heuvel) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Manufacturing electronic components by thin-film deposition techniques on flexible substrates has challenged the engineers in various technical domains for quite some time now. Roll-to-roll (R2R) production techniques offer clear advantages, but sheet-to-sheet (S2S) factories have practically stayed the preferred choice for the first suppliers of flexible displays. More simple devices like sensors can be "printed" already on plastic foils at sufficiently low prices, but printing and coating the functional layers of other devices like organic photovoltaics (OPV) or large-area OLEDs still require several optimization efforts. The existing R2R lines cannot fulfill the technical and functional specifications that enable the transition of bendable complex electronics from research to mass production. Dedicated R&D programs that would eventually lead to the desired cost of ownership of such electronic products are still in place worldwide, but all struggle with finding the whole set of final answers. In order to enable this transition from R&D to mass production, VDL FLOW has created a novel concept for the R2R plants of the future. These new manufacturing facilities feature stand-alone operation of individual R2R modules, allow for individual dry-chamber extension, can combine R2R and S2S processes, avoid touching the functional side of the web, limit the cost of the cleanroom when contamination-free environments are required, and minimize the footprint on the factory floor.

Speaker Biography (Huib van den Heuvel)

Huib van den Heuvel has been leading VDL FLOW since its establishment in 2012 within the VDL Enabling Technologies Group (VDL ETG). As General Manager, Huib is focusing with his team on defining, developing and realizing novel R2R and S2S production equipment for the printed electronics industry. Before this assignment, Huib worked as New Business Development Manager at VDL ETG with leading high-tech equipment suppliers over the world. Mr. Van den Heuvel also worked in R&D and new product development in the printing industry at Stork Prints and as R&D Manager and later General Manager North America at Drent-Goebel, an offset press manufacturer. Huib started his career at Fokker Aircraft. After his education as mechanical engineer at the Eindhoven University of Technology he followed an MBA program at Nyenrode University. Based on his experience in the printing and high tech equipment industry, Huib has had a special interest in the developments taking place in printed electronics applications during the recent years. His ambition is to make VDL FLOW a successful OEM and system integrator by joining the strengths of technology partners and system suppliers in the value chain.

Company Profile (VDL Enabling Technologies Group)

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VDL Enabling Technologies Group (VDL ETG) is a contract manufacturing partner operating worldwide in many high-tech markets like semiconductors, thin-film photovoltaics, analytical instruments, medical systems, etc. VDL ETG manufacturers parts, modules and fully-integrated systems in 6 volume factories worldwide, has strong design and engineering capabilities, and has a recognized track record in the realization of prototypes and first-of-a-kind complex tools and production lines.
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